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  1. angela

    The Truffle pig strikes again

    You're lucky your son likes to mushroom hunt with you. My kids hate it and find me embarrassing out in the woods since I have trouble staying on trails and get easily sidetracked by fungi.
  2. angela


    They aren't chanterelles. They appear to be some sort of lactifluus mushroom.
  3. angela

    Gilled mushroom ID help

    Thanks, Dave! There is no need to change the copyright holder.
  4. angela

    Hello to all frome Cape Cod Massachusetts

    Wow! I got enough to pickle once. To me it tasted a lot like pickled bologna, but most people don't know what that is. I'm originally from Michigan, and that's the only place I've ever had pickled bologna. What are you going to do with so much?
  5. angela

    Hello to all frome Cape Cod Massachusetts

    That was my first mushroom. It's the one that got me started hunting mushrooms. Three years later, it is still my favorite. I've never found as many as you at once, though.
  6. How amazing it could have been...
  7. angela

    Gilled mushroom ID help

    Please do. I am curious to know what it is if someone recognizes it. Thanks!
  8. angela

    Gilled mushroom ID help

    Thank you for looking at it, Dave. I'm not a member of the mushroom observer. I was curious about it since it had such a strange-looking button stage so I took lots of pictures. I was surprised how different it looked when it opened up. I have no plans to eat it so identifying it isn't that important. That tree has had many mushroom issues from honey mushrooms to aborted entalomas to odd shelf mushrooms. I think that by the time it dies completely, it will already rather decomposed.
  9. It's been very, very wet here this summer in central Virginia, and I've got odd mushrooms popping out the side of my dying red maple tree. I've got pictures of its immature stage, opened stage, its side, its underside, etc. I did a spore print. it was white or very, very light. The cap size is about 2.5 inches across. Any ideas what it is?
  10. angela

    Just a nice photo

    What a beautiful mushroom!
  11. angela

    Chickens of the Woods

    Your chicken looks great. It's my favorite mushroom. I wish I had one.
  12. angela

    Bolete ID--I have an idea

    I think that is it. That mushroom is not in my copy of North American Boletes. I didn't know there was a newer version. This version is what Amazon sold me in the last couple years. That's probably why the price was acceptable. Since I'm not all that good with it anyway, I'm in no rush for a newer version. Thanks! Angela
  13. I've used Bessette, Roody, and Bessette's North American Boletes book to try to identify my mushroom. I'm usually pretty bad with the book and just give up. This time I've made it through the key and have come up with an unidentified (at the time of publication--copyright 2000, printed 2010) mushroom called Boletus sp. nov. NAB-16, NAB-17. There are certainly a lot of oaks where my husband found the mushroom. This mushroom never blued at all. was no bitterness when I sampled it. The cap is not slimy. Does anyone think it is this or something else? Does this mushroom have a name now?
  14. angela

    Really Big Cinnabar Chanterelles

    Wow! I've never seen them that big.