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  1. I was just out for a walk in the mist after a rainy day, and I swear I found a lion's mane, pom pom, or whatever you want to call it, mushroom. It's very young, but I'm hoping that will reduce the chance of bitterness. I found it growing out the cut side of an oak log. I thought they were a fall mushroom, but it is spring in Virginia. I'll grant we've had some very strange weather, with an early warm-up in the winter, and then very cold weather very late in the season. I don't know if the mushroom thought it was fall, or if it isn't that uncommon to find them in the spring. I've only seen them in late summer and fall around here.
  2. It looks great. I hope you have a lot of time to enjoy it.
  3. TimG, That is interesting about the May apples. I don't see many around here. I think they grow along the James River in the parks in the city. I'm in the Richmond area, and my black morels are in Amelia County. I found a few more black morels yesterday. Angela
  4. I found over 25 black morels today!!! It's a theory of mine, but I think they come out around here just as the redbuds are starting to bloom. The redbuds started early so I went out to my land today and checked the area I've found them in the past. It worked. I'm in central Virginia.
  5. Dave W. and Johny, Thank you for your identification of and comments about my mystery fungus. Peziza sure looks correct to me. It's been fun finding something new to me after so few mushrooms this year.
  6. Last year was a very, very poor year for mushrooms for me. i only found a few chanterelles, a couple small chickens of the wood, 13 morels, a few oyster mushrooms, a dozen or so boletes I wanted, and a large handful of wood ears. I'm starting with that so you see why I'm bothering you with this strange mushroom. It's the only interesting mushroom I've seen in a while. It's about an inch or so tall. I found it growing (in Central Virginia today) in a mock raised bed garden covered in plastic so I can try to grow radishes and arugula in the winter. It seems to be growing in the ground, but the ground could include wood chips in the garden soil I purchased, pine needles, chicken poop, and miscellaneous compost. Each "cup," all clustered together, is about an inch tall. Any thoughts on what it might be?
  7. It was not directly in pines, as you can sort of tell from the leaf debris around the mushroom, but it was probably a long stone's throw from a loblolly pine plantation. Two sides of my twelve acres are surrounded by a pine plantation. I don't think onnia tomentosa looks quite right. I'm looking at the size of onnia tomentosa, and I think that it is a smaller fungus. I've seen them in the area other years, and I think they get to more like 8 or so inches across.
  8. I found something similar but larger, I think (and I'm on the other side of North America). I don't know what mine is, but I think it is some kind of polypore.
  9. Nice to meet you. Everyone has been very helpful here. I hope you enjoy it. Angela
  10. I found three morels today, and my husband found the rest! He seems to have a better eye for it. I found them in Amelia County, Virginia in the same location my mom found one last April and I found three in the spring the year before that. I have no idea why they only seem to grow in a certain spot on my property, but we don't find them anywhere but in one area.
  11. I can see why they are some of your favorites.
  12. The jars say product of Germany.
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