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  1. angela

    Some of my favorite pics

    I can see why they are some of your favorites.
  2. angela

    Mushrooms in Lidl

    The jars say product of Germany.
  3. I found porcini, mixed mushrooms, and chanterelles in brine. I think they were under $3 a jar. No, I did not purchase any. In case someone doesn't know, Lidl is a discount German grocery store that recently appeared in my city shortly after Aldi (another discount German grocery store) arrived.
  4. angela

    Can't Find Anything Like It!

    I call them Indian Pipes, too. They grew in Michigan, where I grew up, and I see them around here in Virginia once in a while.
  5. angela

    My hens-of-the-woods

    No, Matt, I have not tried to revive the dried mushrooms. I hope they work out. I've only dried the fronds and not the stem pieces. Your tacos sound great.
  6. MattVA noticed that I commented on never having had a hen-of-the-woods. He very kindly fixed that a week or so ago. His grandmother had some growing around an old red oak on her property. He invited me out there, and gave me a couple hens. I got to see them growing. I got to taste them. It was A LOT of hen. I've included a picture of what he gave me, minus a little I sauteed in order to taste it and to see how I did eating it. It is an excellent mushroom. The flavor is very good, and it keeps a little crispiness even after cooking. I've had it sauteed, on pizza, in stir-fry, and the base cut as a thin steak, marinated in an Asian-style marinade, and fried like a small steak. Mostly I've dried it. I tried very hard to describe to my husband what it looked like growing. We went to a local park where we thought there were old red oaks (Larus). We found a number of big, old oaks, but now more hens (I just wanted to show him what they looked like growing--believe me, we did not need to harvest any more.) We found blewits (which I think are slimy). Yesterday, when my husband went to our hunting land for muzzle-loader deer season, he came home deerless, but he brought me two small (thank goodness) hens-of-the-woods. We've been looking for them for two seasons but just didn't know what to look for. They were by one of the big (but not the biggest) red oaks at the edge of our property (the very edges have the biggest trees). I think I'm going to try freezing these. So, I still haven't found my own, but my husband has. I'm delighted I grow it on my property. I seem to grow almost everything there. It is a very mushroomy 12 acres. I couldn't ask for better. The hen is an amazing mushroom, and a large one is a lot of food. I'm very impressed and will keep my eye out a bit yet this year so I can try to find my own, and I'll definitely want more by next fall. I'll need to figure out lots more things to do with it, and see how it rehydrates this winter. THANKS, MATT!
  7. angela

    Dune ‘shroom

    Cool mushroom! I have no idea what it is, nor have I seen a mushroom growing in sand before. Your post brought back memories for me of climbing the Sleeping Bear sand dunes, rolling down them, and then cooling off in Glen Lake when I was a kid. We used to have a great time there.
  8. angela

    The Truffle pig strikes again

    This is my third season mushroom hunting and I have never found a hen-of-the-woods. I can accept that there aren't any on my property, but I check other places, especially around big old oaks, and I just can't seem to locate one. I think it's the only edible polypore around here that I have not found yet. Any tips on where to look/what to look for?
  9. angela

    The Truffle pig strikes again

    I've found very few A. mellea this year compared to two years ago. On the other hand, I don't eat them anyway since they give me nausea. They sure do taste good, though. What I did get a lot of this year are chanterelles.
  10. angela

    The Truffle pig strikes again

    You're lucky your son likes to mushroom hunt with you. My kids hate it and find me embarrassing out in the woods since I have trouble staying on trails and get easily sidetracked by fungi.
  11. angela


    They aren't chanterelles. They appear to be some sort of lactifluus mushroom.
  12. angela

    Gilled mushroom ID help

    Thanks, Dave! There is no need to change the copyright holder.
  13. angela

    Hello to all frome Cape Cod Massachusetts

    Wow! I got enough to pickle once. To me it tasted a lot like pickled bologna, but most people don't know what that is. I'm originally from Michigan, and that's the only place I've ever had pickled bologna. What are you going to do with so much?
  14. angela

    Hello to all frome Cape Cod Massachusetts

    That was my first mushroom. It's the one that got me started hunting mushrooms. Three years later, it is still my favorite. I've never found as many as you at once, though.