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  1. Truish B. edulis whilst I was in Wales Hericium erinaceus because of it's versatility Hedgehogs, so many different subspecies now mine are almost too tasty Bi Color group boletes Flammulina velutipes which thankfully are fruiting well in Ohio now. Easily overlooked as a tasty edible.
  2. Nice, been thinking the same, go cheap, may give it a try.
  3. Same boat here in W/C Ohio eat-bolete but lobsters which love the heat/dry are exceeding any season ever in my nearly 10 years of summer gathering. 100's of fresh lovely lobsters every time I go.
  4. Ha ha ha Chefs, I mainly access this site from work as it is one of the few discussion forums I can access here. Another 40 lobsters were found and shared between 2 others as I have enough stock for now...., thanks John and pulling for you Trout. Good finding all.
  5. Finally enough rain to start chants in W/C Ohio, some oysters and the most lobsters I have found in one patch due to the dry were so fresh and none rotten, 40 or 50 Wednesday. Wishing you all the best.
  6. We had the rain now just to get out there and find something, life is getting in the way, nuff said wishing you all the best.
  7. Dave, with the lack of rain here in my part of W/C Ohio it is like fungicide has been sprayed. My friend and I found one Russula compacta in a ditch and that is it since some oysters a couple weeks ago after brief rains on shady spots.
  8. I just wish there was something to photo in W/C Ohio good bad or ugly, we have had heat and some rain but nary a Lactarius nor a Russula even, odd.
  9. My buddy south of me here in Ohio found 4 bi color boletes last weekend, my oak, beech hickory woods are barren except for ginseng right now. Lovely to see after a few mile walk with a 5 week old mangled/broken toe, good luck all. Rain rain and more rain...please!
  10. Decrrent gills lead me to believe yes it is oyster.
  11. By driving to S Ohio combined with local woods about 200 split between us, worst year since 2012 March heatwave followed by a freeze...
  12. Wow what a great season you are having Dave, ours lasted from Mid March in southern Ohio until mid April, early few and far between and done, that heat followed by snow did us in.
  13. Going to go harvest some baby oysters I left to grow Wednesday after my short Saturday shift at a local park, another Coprinus comatus or Shaggy manes fruited AGAIN at my apartment in the cool weather recently just yesterday. This is by far the latest I have seen these in my neck of the woods.
  14. Dark winter oysters are flushing in abundance after recent rains and cool weather, the previous heat has started the Russulae in Beech/Oak woods, then cool brought the Coprinus comatus again in May the latest I have EVER seen them here and the morels were over before they really started. Luckily I have a use for all the wonderful dark fall oysters, my belly and gifts as they are flushing like crazy again with a few summer paler white ones thrown in for fun. What month is this?
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