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  1. did I blow it by thinking this was a blewit?

    Wow what a great re-make of that song!
  2. What is it about mushrooms?

    I like being in nature, identifying organisms is fun and somewhat educational, and fungi are so unstudied that I can contribute to studies just by finding and cataloging them online. Someday I might even feel confident enough to eat what I identify as edible!
  3. That's the most work I've ever seen from someone so new!
  4. Glad to have another person so interested in the science of it all!
  5. Need help to ID this very interesting mushroom(pics)

    I've found this multiple times and EACH time it's in a huge cluster and highly degraded.
  6. Rain data

    I've always used this. Zoom to my region and look at rainfall by percentage compared to normal over the past week. Anything less than 75% and I don't go out. Anything over 150% and I specifically go there.
  7. Hello from NJ!

    Greetings! Since you've found Reishi and you say you live in New Jersey I have a question if you don't mind. I know Ganoderma tsugae grows on the Eastern Hemlock and in your region the tree species has been decimated by the Woolly Adelgid. Are you finding the Reishi in small areas where the Hemlock tree has somehow survived (parasitic) or are you finding on deceased Hemlock (saprobic)? I've found Reishi on Hemlocks that appear to be very healthy and also entirely dead and I'm curious about what degree it's parasitic/saprobic. One day I might try to do a study by going through all the sample entries on MushroomObserver.
  8. Another example of taking an established method from nature and applying it to human purposes. Great!
  9. Oysters

    That second picture is a work of art! I can't believe you found some growing like that and in perfect condition.
  10. Is this how stinkhorn emerging?

    I've only found this once and it was in an earlier form not coming out of the slime layer yet.
  11. Pine Bolete or Something else?

    According to my guide this looks quite like the King Bolete Boletus edulis and mentions that there is a lot of variation on the exact color, shape, and size of them. It also looks like Boletus bicolor, but the colors are significantly milder.
  12. Reishi: ganoderma oregonense or tsugae

    G. tsugae and G. oregonense are both on conifers, but tsugae is east coast, while oregonense is west coast.
  13. Latex milky???

    Most likely Lactifluus volemus (formerly Lactarius volemus). Large darker orange above and lighter orange below. Growing in deciduous litter. It likes to appear around now where I live (in Pennsylvania) and you're near (in Maryland).
  14. Lone shroom deadwood floor deep gills. Id? 3 1/2 dia.

    It must have not rained since this grew, because I find that these easily get wet and degrade into goop quick.
  15. Corts?

    This is strange. The cap and stem should be a much darker purple for that species. Other purple species I've checked in my guide don't quite look like this either.