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  1. Hahahaha, might freeze some. They should go well with anything. At least their cooked, and taste yummy. I did see 3 honey's when i was out. Supposed to be getting 1.5" of rain tomorrow.
  2. Awesome to hear! Just cooked them up. They taste good. They loose their green color when cooked, that's nice.
  3. Well... so i thought... Went out today and about 1 pound is all i found. Deer got the better of them. There are tiny ones, so maybe in a day or two i'll check back. They are very dark green, not like the pics i took.
  4. Great Rondayvous! I will be out today getting some. I can probably pick 10 pounds, they're everywhere. I did notice the deer eating them though. Glad to hear no moisture issues. Also heard they can be bitter if not cooked good. The ones i have found are on maple and beech trees. These (to me anywho) signify the last of the mushrooms in my area. So sad!!! Well there's always April morel season to look forward to :)
  5. Ahh, been finding these lately (your last photo) panellus serotinus. Tons of them especially today. Olive Oysterling. Never ate them.... Would like to try them sometime. Mine have been white to cream underneath. Heard you need to dry cook the heck out of them for 12-15 to get all the moisture out of them before adding any butter / oil or anything else. Any one else that has tried these?
  6. WOW!! Congrats!!! 🤘 That's a big one, certainly the biggest i ever saw!
  7. I remember seeing chaga at some point, but for the life of me i do not remember where. I do look for them when i'm out. Mmmmm, chaga ala old sock!! When i make maple syrup, i do filter the sugar sand with old wool socks LOL. All joking aside, i am still searching!
  8. Agree, 2nd pic looks like honey's
  9. They seem to be missing the darker center color, and the tiny black hairs on them. I'm unsure
  10. Dang you guys!!! So lucky!! Ours stopped around the last week of September.
  11. Nice find Rondayvous. I have had no luck in the past month in finding any.
  12. Same here, top hen of the woods, bottom lions mane. Nice finds, now go pick them!!
  13. Welcome Mountainman! Lots of info here!!
  14. Oh Staveshaver, that is a beautiful plate you got there!!
  15. Agreed Dave W. Keep an eye for any other types growing there!! Nice find Mike Brooks
  16. Really good info here. I've got these growing on a stump where my honey mushrooms grow. (Entoloma parasitizing Armillaria) Might have to dig deeper... Thanks
  17. Oh man!!!!!!!! They are sooo awesome!!!! Very tasty. Awesome find, been 2 years since i got one!! Enjoy
  18. Thanks for the info. Have not ever found any -- ever!!
  19. I remember my grandfather stringing them up and hanging them over the furnace. I have given most of what i collected this year away, except for a hen. (ugg!) I wanted to make mushroom jerky now that i know you can do that. All my spots are dried up. Hope we get some rain soon!! Looks like Sunday is the next day, they should send some up from the south!! I went out yesterday, found 4 chickens, but they were already white, and one honey. Today we had a deep freeze, ice on the cars, so maybe.... Good luck!
  20. LOL, need bigger freezer!! Went out yesterday at usual spot, nothing. Then went behind house and found 3 honey mushrooms, in a opening in the forest canopy a bit damp but they were HUGE, still closed, not opened up. Have you tried drying them? I want to try making some mushroom jerky, but cannot find any now, so sad!! The only COTW i saw yesterday was down the road a mile and 30' up a tree!! But it was fresh. I used to pull out the ladders, but being 51, i did not my wife would have killed me if the fall didn't.
  21. New to chanterelles. I do not believe i have ever seen them growing any where. When is the season / habitat? I am finding lots of COTW and HOTW, Oysters, honey mushrooms, bears head now. Hopefully tonight's frost (fingers crossed) will bring up more honey mushrooms. Have not had much in the way of rain since last Sunday. Thanks, Bernie
  22. Uh, yea. Fall a lot, but its worth it!!! Probably because i move too fast. Usually go alone, but sometimes with my son or dad. I'm in my 50's, my dad in his 70's. Always use a walking stick. Mostly very rocky terrain here.
  23. Oh man!! Sweet. have not found any in a few years. Found a bears head yesterday but it was tiny. These are my wife's favorite.
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