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  1. Thank you Kevin. It’s a rough patch right now. Everyone has to deal with at some point.
  2. Nice find! I have not seen them since last year.
  3. When I’m out and find anything it gets picked. If it’s buggy, I leave it. If I don’t get it the deer / critters do. With honey’s, if there still closed, I pick them. If open I slice near the stem, if there’s no bug damage it’s a keeper. Hen’s, I just pick. I’ve had wormy ones but I take the non wormy parts and toss the rest. It takes a good eye but I usually go out everyday.
  4. I have nothing. My mother in law passed two weeks ago, then I had a seizure and to top it off my dad is end stage bladder cancer. So I have not really been out in two weeks. Kevin, that’s a great haul! Hope it keeps up for you! I think it’s been raining for 5 days.
  5. Yes, meadow mushrooms by the buckets! Nothing else really. Crossed fingers!
  6. LOL! That’s the truth! Dry, dry then tons of rain. We had 4” here over the last 3 days. Other than some oysters, a few cotw I’ve had no luck. Nothing has been growing. Was out yesterday and…..nothing.
  7. No worries! They are up all over here.
  8. Agreed, meadow mushrooms!
  9. Nothing here yet, but rain would help.
  10. That is certainly the most awesome color on a mushroom I’ve ever seem!
  11. Yeah, not hardwood for sure.
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