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  1. Ahhh, you guys are killing me! Nice finds, I have not been out yet. Guess I should get my butt out there!
  2. Welcome FishnFools57!! Please post in the Identifying Mushrooms section
  3. I have been ok with them, however my wife will does not do well. Not sure if it was due to the pregnancy with our son, but she will not ever eat them again. Had the same issues as you MicroDoc.
  4. Well, Johnny, watched the video. Adam is great, however he can eat all the ones he wants to. I however cannot, will not, ever possibly eat them. Just gagging watching. Plus i do not really like radishes. That is horrible, did i tell you i was gagging watching? LMAO !!!! Thanks Johnny!!!!
  5. Bea-utiful!! RedFox950, that's an awesome find, and a beautiful dish! Congrats
  6. Yup, i left them also. Saw a lot of others also. I was walking and saw a stinkhorn...said hmm it's a stinkhorn...don't pick it up, reached out and had to give it a smell...Yuck. I know what they smell like, it's like an instinct...IDK..
  7. I'd second that ^^. Would also need more info, place found, habitat, but looks like honeys. I see no rings, or veil remnants. Wait for the experts to chime in.
  8. Looks like Honey mushrooms that are very, very old. Would need bottom view, cut one in half view, and spore print ( should be white ). I'd wait for others to chime in. Armillaria mellea.
  9. Hahahaha, might freeze some. They should go well with anything. At least their cooked, and taste yummy. I did see 3 honey's when i was out. Supposed to be getting 1.5" of rain tomorrow.
  10. Awesome to hear! Just cooked them up. They taste good. They loose their green color when cooked, that's nice.
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