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  1. Condolences. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. Definitely!!!!! Yummy!
  3. Kevin you are truly the mushroom whisperer!
  4. Kevin, you’re supplying the entire northeast of the state! 🤣🤣
  5. Sounds good, I get them in the fall quite a lot just never picked/ bothered with them.
  6. Eh 9 days in, feeling better. you got tons of mushrooms growing! I do miss taste and smell though 😱🤣👍
  7. Great find Kevin! Happy new year! Stuck indoors with Covid. Be safe. Weathers been crazy
  8. Sounds great Kevin. Hope they turn out well. What kind of pressure cooker do you use? I was thinking of my wife’s instant pot, it’s a 8 quart.
  9. Nice find Kevin. Went out a bit Friday and found a few handfuls. They were not frozen though.
  10. Hi Dave, I’m in Moscow, Pa. I know about the club and I am willing to join up next year when the season rolls around again. I am not on any social media.
  11. I agree with svs. Armillaria mellea. White spore print seen on caps of other mushrooms, rings..
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