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  1. RBenn, I think you hit it. I found one, well 3-4, but one was whole. It was pure white inside. I did eat it and it was very good. Dave ID’d it right on. It should be back every year. Pure white is key here. The bug, I would just cut it out. But it’s past it’s prime.
  2. Thanks Jeff. They were yellow yesterday. Stems were white.
  3. I’ve been getting flushes from the same trees every 2 weeks! There are sooo many out here I’m all about done with picking them 😎
  4. I pick the best of them. Was just out yesterday and they were a lot fresher than the earlier ones I was picking. I just make sure the stems are not riddled with worm holes.
  5. Found this under beech trees. Fairly large, white stem, no color changes while bruising, maroon-ish cap, tubes no gills. Spore print coming if not too old. I found this yesterday afternoon while picking oysters (tons of them due to dying ash trees). thank you
  6. My grandparents strung them up whole and hung them near the furnace. Took a bit but they came out nice.
  7. Thanks Kevin! Yea, I need bales also…
  8. That’s too funny! I have never spotted them around here.
  9. Hi Dave, good to know we have a club, I did not know that. I have fallen from my hay mow, so am laid up for a while yet. Thank you. I have not seen them growing anywhere I frequent. Appreciate the info!
  10. WooHoo Kevin, glad to have you back! We did not have that much rain at all. But I bet there are some flushes. Darn foot!
  11. Simonb you found a gem there! Nice find, yes they usually show up year after year.
  12. Haha! Nonetheless you gottem! 👍👍
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