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  1. the trumpets I’ve found were in predominantly oak woods in mossy areas. They blend in so well it’s amazing we find ANY!! Whenever I’ve found 1 standing up if a take a knee and slow down I can usually find a few more. They are really hard to spot!! I’m in northeast Pa. I haven’t seen any big flushes of chanterelles here since middle of August. After that it was just a few here and there. Keep after it. Once you spot a few they seem to come easier. Same with hen of woods they really blend in. One thing that’s helped me find more hen of woods is using binoculars. I can scan base of oaks from a distance and cover more ground and no more excited runs to base of a tree when I think I see a hen that end in disgust when I realize it was a pile of leaves or something.
  2. I found 1 Saturday in Exeter
  3. I’m finding some chanterelles and trumpets
  4. No idea but Absolutely not hen of woods. The gills rules out hen of woods. I don’t pick honeys or “popinkis” as the old local polish call them around here but pretty sure it’s not honey either
  5. I’m pretty sure these are cinnabar chanterelles but not 100%. I pick the yellow and I’m confident in them but a bit unsure of these. Should I pick em?
  6. Pretty sure I found the most inedible poison mushroom in our woods!!! The destroying angel. This is it right?
  7. Congrats! I found a handful last night nothin like that!!
  8. Found 1st of the year last night, hope to find a bunch more!!
  9. Not hens, not sure what they are tho. Looks like these I found in town last year
  10. Beautiful!! What state are u in?
  11. Anyone finding any hens yet? I found my 1st 1 of the year last year September 9, I've been out looking with no luck yet. Good luck all won't be long!!
  12. Friend of mine has developed a reaction to maitake where his lips and face swell up. He had to quit eating them, he gave me his whole stash which I promptly devoured!!
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