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  1. I’m starting to get so discouraged. I’m in Rhode Island and went two days after the rain and then one day after and haven’t seen any mushrooms for beginners, let alone black trumpets. Do they like a darker forest of near the edge of water? I’ve looked under oaks away from the path, I’ve looked by moss. Nothing! I can’t find Chanterelles either. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Is it better to go first thing in the morning as opposed to 4pm. Help! As a beginner I can really only hunt for chicken, hen, black trumpets, chanterelles, etc. Nothing gilled yet until I am more experienced. Someone said boletes but which boletes?
  2. I’m in Eastern CT. Even prime when it hasn’t rained?
  3. In our mushroom class they did something very cool with these. If you kinda rehydrate them in warm cherry juice with some sugar, then refrigerate them they actually taste like a dessert. They were sooooo delicious!
  4. Can someone tell me how soon I should be going out and hunting after it rains? A day, two days...I’m still very new to this.
  5. I’ve been dying to find these. Is the only place under or around Beech trees?
  6. Awesome!!! I can’t find these ANYWHERE. Any suggestions? My mushroom instructor said they grow beneath it around Beech trees. Is that true? Is it better to go right after it rains?
  7. I can’t find trumpets anywhere!!! Help.
  8. Very cool! It’s kinda exciting, isn’t it?
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