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  1. Old Oak

    My hens-of-the-woods

    Super nice gesture! You’re a good dude Matt!
  2. Old Oak

    How fast can hens grow?

    They definitely take days to grow. They will grow relatively quickly if they fruit during a multi day rainstorm though.
  3. That’s awesome. Gotta love those giants.
  4. Old Oak

    White Tails Love Amanita muscaria!

    Berserker deer!
  5. Old Oak

    Decent flush of Oysters Found!!!

    Those look perfect!
  6. Old Oak

    White Sheep Head

    I’ve found one around my place. Really pale tan on top. It grows the same every year too so it must be a genetic variation.
  7. Old Oak

    Saturday's finds

    Holy Smokes! That's a great haul!
  8. Old Oak

    A quick walk yielded these!

    Very cool. You should keep an eye on the tree in sping and fall for the next few years. They'll fruit on the same tree for a few years.
  9. Old Oak

    Today's find

    Nice haul of chanterelles!
  10. Old Oak

    Agaricus bisporus?

    Thanks Dave!
  11. I have no information on matsutake but do have some about things surviving the atomic blast. There is a ginkgo tree in central Hiroshima that survived being in the epicenter of the blast. It is hundreds of years old.
  12. Old Oak

    The HENS!!

    I’m in Nebraska. Hopefully more to come. I picked them today and think I got about 30 lbs. pretty sure the one pictured is 15 lbs! My new PB hen!
  13. Old Oak

    Agaricus bisporus?

    My first time finding these. Not sure if they're bisporus or maybe fissuratus.
  14. Old Oak

    Boletes growing on wood

    I found some very similar to these when in Michigan visiting the in-laws. I found one that was growing from wood and all the others were terrestrial. I thought they were B. pallidus. I'm no bolete expert, so you should probably wait for somebody else to chime in.