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  1. Old Oak

    Does anyone know what these are?

    Something from genus Marasmius. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/marasmioid.html
  2. Old Oak

    Daisy and the Velvet morels

    Looks like a lot of fun.
  3. Old Oak

    Things are looking up!

    I haven't found a ton of them this year, but a couple years ago they were everywhere at one of my usual spots. They have a really nice nutty taste.
  4. I found a lot of these mushrooms last week and was curious if anyone on here had tried eating them? Just curious if they are any good. The choice summer edibles like boletes and chanterelles do not grow in abundance in my area, but there are quite a few Russulas that seem hearty enough for our climate.
  5. Old Oak

    Ticks !

    I agree with John about the shoes and socks especially. You can try treating your clothes with permethrin too. That has worked well for me in the past.
  6. Old Oak

    A fun guy from IA sends his greetings

    Yes, I've found some king boletes. They are few and far between though. I'd start with oysters, morels, and hen of the woods. Those are all pretty abundant in our area. That said, now is the season for chanterelles and king boletes so go check those oak forest out!
  7. Very cool! I think those are actually an invasive species of oyster. Dave knows more about it than I.
  8. Went out Saturday and found a large variety, including: smooth chanterelles, Boletus atkinsonii, Gyroporus purpurus, Strobilomyces floccopus, Russula parvovirescens, Amanita multisquamosa, and a bunch of different Russulas. It was a fun day! Not a huge volume of anything, but things are looking up!
  9. Old Oak

    A fun guy from IA sends his greetings

    Hey Micah! I'm in Omaha. There aren't too many folks from our area on here, but you'll get excellent information. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Old Oak

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Looking good! I’m hoping for a good haul this year. We’ve had a super wet June so the summer mushrooms should be popping soon.
  11. Old Oak

    Large cluster on a dead log

    I'd say those are oysters. Pleurotus pulmonarius. A spore print and some pictures in better lighting would help with certainty.
  12. Old Oak

    Finally, a find

    That’s awesome! I’ve never found one but always have an eye out for them.
  13. Old Oak

    Not everyone at once

    Nothing doing today. It’s been dry and cold here. Just rained 2 days ago so may give it a few days and head back to my spot. Great day to be out though.
  14. Old Oak

    Not everyone at once

    Ginally got some rain and I’m done with the semester!! Going out tomorrow with my brother. I’ll give a full report. Fingers crossed.
  15. Old Oak

    Not everyone at once

    Hope you get feeling better buddy! Get your rest. I got my last final on Wednesday then I’m going hard for a week and a half. As long as I can work childcare out I’ll be in the woods.