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  1. Oysters??

    Grilled oyster mushrooms are fantastic. Toss in a little oil and throw them on.
  2. What is it about mushrooms?

    I really like that they get you into the forest more than hiking does. Walking through the woods and observing is fine, but once you really start studying the diversity found in forests it gives you a whole new appreciation for them. For me it’s also a way to feel connected to the people who taught me the foundations of mushrooming/outdoorsmanship but have since passed. Plus they are tasty.
  3. Is this Chaga mushroom?

    Burl x2 Chaga looks like a black chancre that's gold on the inside.
  4. Very cool illustrations! That is a great way to learn new things. I’m taking an anatomy course right now and there is a resource called “draw it to know it” that has helped me a lot. Really helps to solidify structures in you memory.
  5. I’d also say ticks. I’ve had a few kinda freaky run ins with big bucks bedded down in tall grass. I walk right by them and the explode out of the grass on a couple feet away. More cool than dangerous. Apparently mountain lions are getting closer to my area as well.
  6. Bear's Head?

    Yes! Takes some very heavy fishing line (like Dacron) and a heavy (>5oz) fishing weight. Throw it over the mushroom...and pull it down.
  7. Oysters.

    Beautiful photos! Good eye.
  8. Identifying Oyster Mushroom

    Eastern Nebraska and the Missouri River floodplain are dryer than, but similar to eastern woodland habitat. North Platte is way out in the plains compared to where we are. Oyster come up September-October. The only look alike you need to worry about is much smaller and has a furry cap. When there’s some rain and the lows dip into the 40’s they start popping. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/crepidotus.html
  9. Identifying Oyster Mushroom

    I’m in Omaha and those look like the ones we find along the Missouri on the willows. Super tasty! Where you from in Nebraska?
  10. Sunday hike!

    That last pic looks like a metal album cover. 🤘
  11. after work today

    Nice finds!!
  12. Sounds good. Just wanted to be sure she had the best tools to fight it.
  13. Edible puffball?

    I’d you slice it through and it’s white throughout go for it!
  14. Holaroo, If she has stage IV cancer she should maybe consider taking a polysaccharide K (PSK) extract bought from a store or online. This is the anti-tumor compound in turkey tail. Eating the mushrooms or even making a tincture with the mushrooms only gets a bit of the desired compound out. If you want to really retard tumor growth (as opposed to people who take it as an immune booster who are healthy) a purer form of the compound would be better. You need a more sophisticated extraction method (salting out with ammonia) from the mycelium to get really high levels of PSK, which is what is available from some supplement companies. She should talk to her physician about this as well as it could have interactions with other medications. That looks good Camille. They have a furry /velvety top that also distinguishes them from stereum.