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  1. Awesome! It finally rained hard the other night so I’m gonna head out here in the next few days. Great haul as always Cajun!
  2. Finally got out for a couple of hours on Sunday. Not a big haul, but the forest looks ready to pop!! Chanterelles, boletus atkinsonii, russula parvovirescens, and an unknown amanita. All the boletes were huge and big eaten unfortunately.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/05/22/science/fungi-fossils-plants.amp.html
  4. What kind of tree did you find those on? I’m in Omaha and curious.
  5. I’m happy to see more of this kind of reporting recently. Whether it’s CBD oil or medicinal mushrooms there is a lot of bad/no science being used to make these claims. The ironic thing is that it’s usually from people who are all about whatever science supports their political beliefs, but cannot be convinced otherwise if it doesn’t jive with those.
  6. I agree that it may not have been the mushrooms, but as a former chef and mushroom seller, chefs don’t know as much as you’re assuming. They know cooking, not mushroom Identification. I think most depend on the expertise of the hunters. Also, the head chef of a Michelin star restaurant is like the head of a large lab at a university. They run the operation from the top but don’t have as much to do with the day to day stuff (like produce intake).
  7. Thankfully MAO inhibitors are almost never used anymore (way worse interactions with other drugs than whatever happens with poly pores I’d imagine). They’ve been largely replaced by newer drugs. You may run into it with an older person whose still on them just because they’re used to it and it’s worked for a long time. Just FYI.
  8. I think it’s often one thing preying on another and then coming to “realize” that they can use this other organism to their own advantage. This is the origin of how eukaryotic organisms acquired mitochondria and chlorophyll. They were consumed but gave the host energy so they didn’t kill them.
  9. Nice! We’ve had a few great winter flushes here too. Always a treat. I made this marinated mushroom recipe with mine And they turned out fantastic. https://honest-food.net/italian-marinated-mushrooms-recipe/
  10. They were mostly P. ostreatus with a few P. serotinus mixed in. I went out again today. They were all growing from black willows. There weren't any growing on cottonwoods (which are plentiful in that area). They were very high today so I had to get my trusty fishing weight and dacron fishing line to get them down! There was also stiff competition from the deer. You can see in the first photo that they munched off the ones that were within range.
  11. Went out for a bit along the river. We've had temps in the mid 40's for about a few days here after lots of snow. The only place I found them was in a frozen marsh. Found oyster mushrooms and some flammulina velutipes. It was really beautiful out. Gonna go back out tomorrow. I'm on break from school and my girls are still in school, so I'm trying to take advantage of the time.
  12. We’ve had a huge snow melt here in Nebraska too with highs in the upper 40’s. Going out tomorrow afternoon. I’ll report in after I go out.
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