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  1. Bird-Man

    The Truffle pig strikes again

    That is so awesome! I feel like my boys will be the same way if they stay on their current trajectory. Can you tell me more about shrimp of the woods? I have seen mushrooms that look exactly like the ones in your picture here in IL.
  2. Bird-Man

    Private property ethics???

    Amen, I was raised with the same ethic. It sounds like you folks in PA have a lot of hunting grounds. I've noticed there are also a lot of members here from PA.
  3. Bird-Man

    Hericiums are poppin.

    Oh man, that mushroom is on my bucket list of ones that I really want to find. I saw one from the road on someone's tree earlier this year but nobody was home to ask permission so, sadly, I left it. How did it taste? I've heard they taste akin to crab/lobster.
  4. Bird-Man

    ID please. Hen of the woods? Maitake?

    Just this Tuesday I deep fried some hen fronds. I dipped them in a thin milk/egg wash then coated them in well seasoned flour. Fried in oil(peanut) for 4 minutes at 310 degrees. Those babies came out golden, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Very savoury and delicious and worth the effort.
  5. I don't know the CA laws regarding collection of mushrooms but I have been to Muir Woods on 2 occasions, just north of San Fran and it is amazingly beautiful with large redwoods. If you don't find mushrooms you'll at least get an amazing experience.
  6. Bird-Man

    Surprise By the Driveway

    When I was a kid we had a large ring if those growing in our yard every year. I remember always wondering if they were edible.
  7. Bird-Man

    Decent flush of Oysters Found!!!

    The golden/yellows are very good.
  8. Old oak, I have officially found my largest hen of the woods, EVER! I saw it this morning in an overgrown area of a public park this morning and went back this afternoon to be amazed!!!! It seems to be in prime condition too!!
  9. Bird-Man

    Growing mushrooms

    I can't speak to the specific medicinal qualities of turkey tail mushrooms mentioned by a previous poster but as to the ability to grow them, there is at least one online retailer who sells spawn for turkey tails so I am sure they can be propagated. Many of the online retailers also sell lion's mane mushrooms as well.
  10. While on vacation in WI last week I found a decent 5lb hen growing. The soil up there was sandy. I found that even when I cleaned the hen very thoroughly it was still gritty when I cooked it. I can't remember, do hens grow around whatever they encounter? Is it possible that the sand was actually embedded into the mushroom tissue? It was so disappointing as I had to just throw the whole thing out...
  11. Bird-Man

    Big ole pile a chicken!!!

    Whew Hoo!! Hopefully those will flush again next year. I have one spot I have been checking weekly here that I found a bunch of chickens on last year. So far, no chickens, but I am keeping up hope.
  12. I just happened to drive into a park today and saw these growing from the base of a maple tree! I am so excited because I love the taste of Oyster mushrooms. The dollar bill is in the picture for size reference as one of the mushrooms is very large. I also gathered some golden Oysters not pictured yesterday at a farm I work at. Those are equally delicious.
  13. Bird-Man

    Saturday's finds

    Is there not a market for black trumpets? I read they are wonderful tasting mushrooms.
  14. Bird-Man

    Nice chickens

    Chickens opened up my wild mushroom world! I can still taste that first bite 3 years ago. I literally became giddy, I couldn't believe how good they tasted. I had never liked any mushrooms before. I hope you enjoy those as much as I do! Congratulations!!!
  15. I found a decent flush of chickens I a tree last year and this year I have been visiting it regularly to see if it will produce this year. Do they produce every year or is it hit and miss, in your experience?