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    Rockford, IL (northern IL)
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    Edible wild mushrooms, hunting, fishing, cooking, my family, Jesus Christ

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  1. Bird-Man

    Any hens yet?

    That is awesome! We just got a good amount of rain here in Northern Illinois so I am hoping that will bring some mushrooms out.
  2. I am just wondering what your modus operandi is when observing/harvesting mushrooms on what you know to be private property. As for me, if I do see mushrooms on someone's property I always go to their door to ask permission before inspecting/harvesting the mushroom. If I get no response I treat it as a "no" and I leave. If it is a mushroom I am planning to sell, I offer the property owner money for the mushroom. So far, no one has wanted any payment for their mushrooms. I try to think about how I would want someone to respect my private property rights. This is just what I do. Is there anything you would do differently? Do you have any thoughts, insights, experiences?
  3. Bird-Man

    Chicken of the woods??

    Boy, I'm not sure what that is, but if it is a chicken it is very faded, and old and inedible at this stage. The underside makes me want to say pheasant back but the top is throwing me off. Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in.
  4. Bird-Man

    Saturday's finds

    Awesome finds!!! I hope to run across black trumpets someday.
  5. I took a quick walk to clear the head today and ran across these! My first positively identified oyster mushroom and a small, young pheasant back. I haven't been able to get out nearly as much as I would like to this time of year so finding these was refreshing! I have eaten cultivated oysters before and really enjoyed them so I am looking forward to trying their wild counterpart. Most of them were past prime but I got a good double handful to enjoy!
  6. Hi all, I found several of what I suspect to be Reishi mushrooms growing on a mulberry tree on our church's property. The only thing is they aren't as red as I would have suspected them to normally be. But they do have the white margin of new growth on the top as well as the shiny, lacquered appearance. What do you think? The first picture is the underside of one. The last picture is a young mushroom.
  7. Bird-Man

    The HENS!!

    😱 Wow!!!
  8. Bird-Man

    Greatings from New Jersey

    Why did you post these pictures? I am jealous now. And hungry. Seriously though, welcome aboard.
  9. I tried grilling it. Meh. Then I tried this recipe posted over on the cooking with mushrooms board and it was a big time winner! Very versatile recipe too!! I ended up throwing 1/2 of the mushroom away. There's just soooo much mushroom there I couldn't use it all nor could I give it all away! And, no, I had no desire to punt it. If it had been ejecting the spores already then, yes, I would have definitely given it a good one! https://wildmushroomhunting.org/index.php?/topic/3244-giant-puffball-schnitzel/
  10. Bird-Man

    Locally scarce mushrooms

    That is encouraging to hear that chantrelles are being found in NI. I have yet to see one but I will keep my eyes peeled. I have a close friend who grew up in Dekalb, and hour away from where he currently lives. He used to find morels in a public park when he was a kid. At the time I worked in Dekalb. Even though he had no plans to go back and look for morels in Dekalb he STILL refused to tell me the park where he used to find them! He will probably take his good spots to the grave with him!
  11. Wait, those are edible?! I couldn't positively ID them so I left them alone, but here in Northern IL we had pounds and pounds of them too. The depression in the top of the cap threw me off. The trees they are on kept flushing and flushing.
  12. Well, I am not the widest person I know, but I am over 6'. This mushroom is easily twice the size of a basketball! Well, I am not the widest person I know, but I am over 6'. This mushroom is easily twice the size of a basketball! I have yet to slice it open to see if it is good though.
  13. Bird-Man

    Locally scarce mushrooms

    BastedBrew, I feel your pain. I live in northern Illinois as well and used to look and look and look for years for morels until I moved within walking distance of a large wooded area. This spring was my first morel find. 19 yellows. I do wish I had your "problem" of so many hens though. Those ones elude me to frustration, and we have so many oaks around here. Rockford's nickname is the "Forest City". I too see so many Jack o lanterns and every time I stop to check them out hoping they are chickens but almost every time I am disappointed. I find what I think to be Oysters quite often but I am not comfortable IDing those yet, though I an eager to do so because the ones from the store taste so good.
  14. I have come across (thanks to my brother-in- law) the largest giant puffball I have ever seen. This was growing in my brother-in-law's yard, and he knows I like mushrooms. It pays to have a "network" of eyes searching for you.
  15. Hello everybody, I am a wild edible mushroom hunter in Rockford, Illinois. I have a love for all things nature/outdoors and my first edible mushroom find was a half-free morel on my Grandparent's 40 acres of woods in Southern Illinois at the age of 14. I have stayed curious these past 18 years since then. I reached out to a mushroom group out of Chicago that meets a good 1.5 hours away at least from my location to see if they knew of a group in Rockford. No such group existed to their knowledge. I don't have the time to drive 3 hours round trip so this forum is my next best option. I am looking forward to learning from you all and, hopefully, contributing to this online community as well. As a side, it is really awesome when others know of your interest in mushrooms. My brother-in-law found this giant puffball growing in his yard and picked it for me. I have friends fairly often send me pictures of mushrooms they've found asking if they are edible. Unfortunately, they usually are not.