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  1. I'm in Pa as well and have quite a bit of Corps of Engineer property all around me I hunt. As far as I can tell, I'm the only one who hunts these areas for mushrooms. I also have a camp in Elk Co which borders Allegheny National Forest I hunt. I've found land owners who don't permit hunting of animals on their property don't mind if you hunt mushrooms as long as you ask. I grew up on a small farm, surrounded by other farms and learned as a youngster you don't go anywhere without asking first, even if you know the answer will be yes.
  2. My 13 year old son loves to mushroom hunt with my friend and I. He always seems to have a knack for locating mushrooms, especially morels. He's so good at it, my friend and I call him the Truffle Pig. Recently he has located several mushrooms that were on our list to find, including cauliflower mushrooms, chanterelles, black trumpets and the old man of the woods. He found our first hen of the woods of the year this year. He was hanging out at his grandmother's last night and took a walk out back in the woods. He sent me these pics. Now we can scratch of bears head tooth and shrimp of the woods from the list. The last pic is of our first hen of the year.
  3. I've been finding a bunch of white hens this year. Maybe because of all the rain?
  4. Same here in Mercer Co. I found quite a few boletes and the chanterelles were off the hook this year. Morels were spotty. Its been a great year for hens so far.
  5. Hi all. Just signed up. I'm from Western Pa and relatively new to mushroom hunting. I've been at it for about three years. I would never eat a store bought mushroom and for most of my life operated under the belief I hated mushrooms. Then I tried hen of the woods and that all changed. When I tried my first morel, I knew I had to start looking for these things. I can positively identify around a dozen wild edible mushrooms now (and quite a few toxic or inedible ones as well) I make it a point to try to lean something new every time I'm out. Thanks for the add!
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