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  1. I said somewhere previously on this forum that my wife got sick 2 times after consuming very well cooked Morels that grow under tulip poplar trees. I showed tons of photos and it was confirmed they were morels. I never got sick from them. We parboiled them twice before sautéed and fried. There are tons of them in NJ where we live but we will never pick morels again. There is no Gyromitra around here, in case some of you will start saying we probably ate Gyromitra.
  2. If none of the younger ones had veil or partial veil over the gills then I would say Blewits. Definitely spore print a bunch. Usually to me they print fast. Color of print should be off-white super light beige or buff very light pink. Great find!!! October-November is when we find them by me. The only look-alike we seen are Violet Corts. Those always have the veil or some veil over the gills when young and they print rusty brown or dark copper. They are nasty fellas.
  3. The normal birch bolete you found is also likely a Leccinum sp. It's normal for some to funnel out. If stalk is "scabber" it's usually a Leccinum. I don't know what Leccinum sp. you found. Maybe someone else can help you. I bet Dave or Eatbolete know. Good luck.
  4. Not a Boletus. Looks like one of many Leccinum sp. The scabber stalk gives it away.
  5. We always dry them out for longer storage.
  6. I meant, are there Armillaria species that are more safer than other Armillaria species?
  7. Thanks for good info Dave! Luckily most of what we froze was sauteed.
  8. I love those little guys 😁 By the way I gave them a try again. Ate them few times already last week. No stomach ache 👍
  9. Question. Since Clitocybe nuda (blewit) is a very good edible, is Clitocybe robusta edible? Are all Clitocybe edible?
  10. I would stay away from all Corts. I heard people who have no clue misindentify them as Blewits and get poisoned. Corts spore prints are rusty. Blewits are buff pale. The first photos looks like another toxic species that in my area called Poison Pie.
  11. Looks like a whiffle ball that was spray painted hot pink, ran over by a car and then stuck into the soil.
  12. These look like a cousin or an uncle of a Blew it. They are not Blewits but my artist eye says they relate to Blewits.
  13. Looks like wood ear or tree ear. Yep! Soup time!! One of my favs!
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