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  1. looks similar to liberty cap. I would not risk it.
  2. Thanks! Yeah thats what I figured. I find a lot of Marasmius Oreades also, but always leave them behind. Too paranoid with LBM's.
  3. agreed with everything svs said
  4. the honeys we found were all small and young
  5. That is a smart move. I also stay away from any little brown thingies. For example we found a boat load of young Armillaria (edible, honey mushrooms), I took some photos to ID them on here. We did not keep or eat any of the honeys because what if one deadly galerina slipped in? Not taking any chances.
  6. I heard that any brown Cort is deadly toxic
  7. looks like one of hundreds of species of smaller chanties. The ridges go right unto the stalk. Looks like a yellow foot chant but the colors are different. I hope some of the seasoned vets can chime in. This is definitely an interesting find. edit*** adding that Cantharellus tubaeformis has a yellow stalk.
  8. Need to see the underside, need to see the mushroom sliced longitute in half. need more detailed pics to ID
  9. I am not an advanced expert but I can see these are NOT chanterelles! They are definitely not golden chanterelles, they are not yellow foots and they are not cinnabar chanterelles.
  10. Caj, they are buttons. Overall all the mushrooms the photos are very young. I heard honeys can get huge.
  11. Thanks Dave! I researched further into Hypholoma sp. Apparently the 2 species Dave mentioned are edible. But there is one Hypholoma sulfur tuft that is toxic. Gonna stay away for now, looks like advanced species.
  12. Was this the only mushroom there? Usually honeys grow in clusters and even if you find them solo, there are always other honeys or honey clusters around. In other words, you will never find just 1 solo honey.
  13. thanks guys! yes the spore print was white
  14. Thanks! but the mushrooms in the photo grew from a log. Blewits grow only from ground from what I heard. Blewits have pink or purple caps and chubby stalks. I have picked and eated blewits many times before. The fungi in the photo is the first time I found anything that looks like that.
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