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  1. All very orange brown; it is a terrible color pic probably thanks to the old school fluorescents above my workbench. Yes quite hard, I cut it into thin flat pieces on the tablesaw with a thin kerf blade; then use the chisel to break it into pieces small enough for the grinder. It is hard enough that it wore out the coffee grinder!
  2. Found another Chaga on birch. Sliced it up, and dried; now powdering it in the coffee grinder.
  3. I find large numbers of these growing along the paths. Spruce on one side of the trail, ash on the other side. They grow singly or side by side in groups of 3 or 4. size seems to range from 1 to 2" diameter and same height. Waiting on a spore print.
  4. I see large numbers of these small mushrooms growing out of the moss at the base of large pine trees. They range in size from 1" to 1.5" at the biggest. Any suggestions?
  5. The forest this was found in was very mixed. It was predominantly hardwoods including ironwood, beech, birch and maple; but there are a handful of spruce and pines mixed in as well.
  6. Wow, thanks i've never heard of them before.
  7. As we are sliding into fall; the mushroom variety continues to astound. Found all kinds last night including some keeper chanterelles, boletes, and lobsters. Also found a nice chaga as well as some growing on live and dead trees. The oddest has to be some growing right out of a crack in a rock!
  8. found some beautiful pink/purple mushrooms. They have noticeably bulging bases.
  9. Found a few patches of these strange looking mushrooms last night. Could they be a type of dead mans fingers?
  10. These 2 small boletes have a yellowish stalk and pore surface. I haven't been able to find anything similar in my books. they exhibit very little staining or bruising, and taste mild.
  11. This one has a brighter orangy brown cap, and some definite staining when cut. It also tastes very mild.
  12. I found a number of boletes last night with scaly stalks similar to birch boletes. I'll post most of them seperately but these first 2 looked very similar; just a different shade of cap, and more pronounced bruising on the underside of one. Both are very mild tasting.
  13. This is one of the boletes I found recently. It is an overall brown/tan coloration with some netting on the stalk. the underside does bruise dark, but the cut flesh is non staining. Very mild flavor in nibble test. Possibly a member of the king family?
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