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  1. Dave, Thanks for the confirmation. They also have the hint of anise smell when freshly picked. I had some yesterday and day and they are delicious. -J
  2. Folks, Hope all is well. I have another thread in this forum regarding one mushroom that looks like it could be an Angel Wing variety or an Oyster mushroom variety. Here is one that is on the same dead Big Leaf Maple tree. Its about 5 feet from the other mushrooms on the other thread. Any thoughts on this one? Gills terminate on stem. I could take a spore print if that would help. Thanks. -J
  3. Hello folks, First post here and appreciate any assistance. I'm wanting to ID some mushrooms that are on my property behind the house. I'm on a few acres in Western Oregon - just outside of Portland. These mushrooms are growing on dead Big Leaf Maple trees. They grow both in the Spring (now) and in the fall. Trying to determine if its an Angel Wing variant or if its an Oyster mushroom. Thanks for the help. -J
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