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  1. Pretty mushroom near a grove of Red Cedars in Western Oregon.Phenol odor. Didn't take a spore print. Other than missing the spore print for ID, looks pretty close to Agaricus Hondensis. Any thoughts on if this might be something else? Although Agaricus hondensis is poisonous, it sure is a pretty mushroom.
  2. Thanks Dave. The gills also (in the younger specimens) appear to be white, but when picked and handled, they turn pinkish-brown pretty quick...which appears to be another telltale sign of the P. cervinus, no?
  3. Thanks for the help on the ID. Sure was a pretty mushroom when first picked. -J
  4. Hi Dave. Sorry I didn't include that picture. Here is a picture with the stem attached. This is a sample of another mushroom that was part of the same group just a couple inches away.
  5. So here is a print after several hours. Its not really a pinkish tone....more dark creme to me with a hint of pink is what I'm seeing in the sample.
  6. Folks, Picked this one by itself among a DougFir / Red Cedar area. Nice earthy mushroom scent - but I don't smell the apricot odor I normally smell with yellow Chanterelles. Taking a spore sample now; will post a picture of that if I can get a good sample. It looks like it wants to be a White Chanterelle, but the veins don't quit look right to me. Look too much like gills to me... The more closely I look at this...and these are indeed gills...not veins/false gills like most Chanterelles. So its got to be
  7. Hi Folks, This guy is growing with multiples next to an old Big Leaf Maple stump. In the process of getting a spore sample. Will post if I can get a good one. Smell is a nice earthy mushroom character. thoughts? -J
  8. Thanks for the ID. It looks like I was impatient...because its staining more so after about an hour later. Attached is a snapshot of that. Thanks -J
  9. Hi Folks, Pacific Northwest - low altitude around 350' among Doug Fir and Red Cedar on the West side of the Cascades. Any idea's of what this variety of Bolete is? It doesn't appear to change colors when bruising. The top looks like the texture of a brain or dried leathery texture. Thanks, -J
  10. Hi Dave, I got the initial description from here: http://www.alpental.com/psms/ddd/Russula/CrownOther.htm -J
  11. Hi Folks, Found the following in Western Oregon, among a mix of conifers and maple. Not really clear if its associated with one or the other. Creme spore print. Has mild scent. Thinking it might be a Russula Benwooii, but looking for another opinion. -J
  12. Here is a side profile picture after a piece is broken away. So still thinking its a Northern tooth fungis / Climacodon Septentrionale. Any second thoughts on this / confirmation from a more experienced person? Thanks, -J
  13. Any thoughts on an ID of this polypore? It is growing on a several year old downed Maple tree. Rubber texture. First guess, Northern Tooth Fungus? Thanks, -Jeremy
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