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  1. Thanks! Very informative. I went back 3 days after I found those morels and they doubled in size and are more yellow colored now. We just had a large amount of rain so will give them a couple more days. Very cool to see them grow! I will go back to the puffballs and kick them around to spread their spores. Promising that they might return so excited to check on them later in the year.
  2. Thanks! And makes sense, found them near Lake Ontario.
  3. Another question: I also stumbled onto 5-6 giant puffball corpses that were probably from last year. Do giant puffballs come up every year in the same location?
  4. I found some morels but wanted to know if these are black or yellow? They are small, about the size of a thumb. Does anyone know how many days I should wait so that they can grow to a size that is pickable?
  5. The fact that they are much thicker than normal turkey tails is what really through me off. They are also very soft and do not feel woody at all. The saplings that they are growing on are maple trees.
  6. No experience in picking hens. These look a bit like turkey tails although they are a lot more fleshy than the turkey tails I am used to. Are these young hens? Looks like they are overgrowing a yonge tree sapling.
  7. They are out there. Found a few this morning under an Elm tree on a quick walk. In an area just outside of the GTA.
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