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  1. ChefsWild

    Over harvesting

    Harvesting, not so much - it's like picking apples from a tree. No direct effect on the tree. Compressing the soil in the patch with a lot of repeated stomping around the same spot, maybe?
  2. ChefsWild

    Something I haven't seen before

    Yo dawg I heard you like mushrooms so I put a mushroom on your mushroom.
  3. ChefsWild

    Early for these?

    Dave, the colors are light tan/brown pretty uniformly.
  4. The slender stemmed one is definitely bitter,
  5. ChefsWild

    Early for these?

    Looks kind of Armillaria? Chapel Hill NC, predominately pine forest, on wood.
  6. I wonder if the gilled one is a Russula? It certainly crumbled.
  7. I see scabers on one of the boletes and the other looks a lot like some of the local Tylopilus species except that the stem is remarkably gracile. The gilled mushroom is a puzzler, though. Very thick puffy white flesh, almost bolete-like, and widely spaced gills. All in pine heavy woods in Raleigh NC.
  8. Gills slightly brown staining. Under mixed pine and hardwoods in Raleigh NC. Taste was mild and pleasant. Odor was fishy. No milk and was crumbly.
  9. ChefsWild

    Slow/weak blue stainers

    Grassy lawn in Raleigh. Not eating these regardless; they are buggy, but curious.
  10. ChefsWild


    Pics or it didn't happen! Or, you can send them all to me and I'll take the pictures for you. I'm just really nice and unselfish that way.
  11. Mild taste, does not stain blue despite the appearance of slight bluing on one of the stems. Raleigh NC, mixed hardwoods and pine.
  12. ChefsWild

    not sure

    I've eaten Gerronema strombodes. They are good.
  13. ChefsWild

    Agaricus campestris I'm thinking

    I believe the same exact mushroom, though I picked a good number. The gills browned within 12 hours in the fridge.
  14. ChefsWild

    Agaricus campestris I'm thinking

    Was yummy sauteed quick and dirty in a cast iron skillet that I'd just fried some bacon in. Here's a pic for scale before they hit the pan.
  15. ChefsWild

    Agaricus campestris I'm thinking

    Not disagreeable at all. They taste quite nice. As there are no poisonous lookalikes that meet all of the observed characteristics here (no staining, yummy odor/taste, definitely Agaricus), it's saute time.