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  1. Last year I decided to harvest some Chaga and process it for tea. I've seen a few ways but am curious which way others are doing it. When I processed mine, I broke it up with a hatchet and then used a coffee grinder to get it a little finer. Then I use a coffee filter to steep it like tea. Someone suggested that I boil a chunk in a pot so that way I can reuse it. This got me wondering how others have been doing it. How do you process and then brew your Chaga tea?
  2. Thanks for this tip. I am just about out of my chaga tea. I'll have to start looking right now.
  3. Nice. Those look great! I remember when they starting carrying these they had some that were sitting for a while on a pallet and the mushrooms were busting out of the box. When you picked that up, were they stored at room temp or were they refrigerated? It looks like they normally ship them fully inoculated. I got a kit once that came with the substrate (stuff it grows on) packaged separately and a spawn to mix in. One a side note, I've been told that if I put my kit in the freezer for a day (or however long I want) that will help promote growth too.
  4. Nice! And I just realized this was not under the threads asking for IDs. Its nice that we have a few photographers in the forums. We could almost build a database of our own, of all the mushrooms we've found.
  5. These definitely look like trumpets and appear to be growing in the same type of habitat I've found them in. But I've only seen trumpets a couple of times. Lets hope someone else with more "trumpet" experience can give you a better indication.
  6. Hello @Actionclaw. I'm hoping maybe someone else will chime in too. I have one that grows in my front yard. It has fruited for the past few years. In the past, I've poured distilled water on and around it during times when it we weren't going to be getting rain any time soon. However, I think its better to just pour water around it rather then directly on it. One thing I've noticed is that when it still feels soft on the outside and isn't getting darker than when you originally found it, it will likely keep growing. Keep an eye on it each day or every other day. I've noticed different weather conditions will make it go one way or the other. One other thing I've noticed is that when it is still good and growing, it will not have much of a smell. You'll have to get close to check. Once it gets older, these start to get a smell of their own. It isn't bad but it is distinct. One other thing I've noticed is that the pours (where the gills would be) start to get stiffer before the top (part you see when you're just looking at it) starts to. As far as slicing it... I don't know. I think it will be scared but will still grow around it. It will probably try to heal itself a little probably won't grow much where its cut off. In my experience, these mushrooms popup and then grow slowly after a point. Be sure that when you harvest this one that you cut it off the ground with a knife and then spread a few of the "feathers" (I call them) around the base of the tree so more spores drop for next years harvest. I hope this helps and makes sense. I hope that thing starts to grow more. :-)
  7. Welcome to the forum! Feel free to look through the old posts and ask questions. You'll find a lot of knowledgeable people here. It sounds like Jersey is a lot like MN. After a certain period, growing dies. But the cold moving in always gives us a reason to grow weird stuff in our closets. :-)
  8. If you're considering eating these, be sure to only try about a small portion before eating a full meal of them. They are delicious but are known to cause indigestion in some people... the lower bowls if you get my drift. I remember one year I found these and tried them. The next year, they were everywhere I went. I did not eat them that year :-) However I have been contemplating trying them again because they were so good. Maybe just not as many this time.
  9. We received our first donation via Bitcoin today! Thank you to one of our newest members, @my_silly_M, for helping out with $20 (0.329126 BTC). Also, welcome to the forums!
  10. We're getting close but we still need help. We just had an anonymous donor give $25. Thank you!
  11. Thank you @alooney11 for your donation of $5. Also anonymous donors helped with a total of $35 too! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far :-) We are still making our way to the goal to cover all of the expenses for running this site (not including my time). These donations are critical to keeping this site running.
  12. Wow that is a really cool photo. Thanks for sharing.
  13. They almost look like young Piptoporus betulinus (birch pollypore) to me. But that doesn't look like a birch and I've never seen that many that close together. Maybe someone else will chime in.
  14. Woah! Nice finds. Were these all from one day!? If so, that was a good day. These ones look like they could be honey mushrooms but they look like they wouldn't be any good to eat at this point. @Eaglesfan, if I can make a suggestion, it might be easier to post each mushroom individually when asking for ID's. That way when people respond, there isn't any question which mushroom their talking about. The reason I suggest this is because of how sick (or even dead) you can get from eating the wrong mushroom. We wouldn't want to say that mushroom is edible and have you accidentally eat the wrong one.
  15. Very nice. Thank you for the donation of $10 @shroomersue!
  16. Welcome! Glad to have another fellow forager in the forums. There are some very knowledgeable people here who will be able to help ID mushrooms you find. Have fun! Just curious, what is the type of flower you have as your avatar?
  17. @chickenrae, it is poisonous. It looks like you have a Amanita muscaria (var. guessowii). But they are very pretty to look at. People have eaten the mushroom you've taken photos of but there are some procedures you must follow closely to be sure you don't get sick or have psychoactive side effects. The psychoactive side effects are not very unpleasant at all from what I've read. As to whether or not there are Amanitas that are not poisonous, I'll let someone else who is more knowledgeable speak up.
  18. lol @troutddicted. People used to say I had a mushroom head. I've taken it to a whole new level. @alooney11, I'm in northern Minnesota. I'm guessing you guys are maybe three weeks behind us when it comes to fall. My family lives further south in Minnesota and they're usually two weeks behind. When they come to visit, they're always astonished at how the trees have changed colors already.
  19. Thank you @tautautau for donating $5 and welcome to the forums!
  20. I know they get bigger but this is the biggest one I've yielded from my front yard! I'm so proud of it that its now my new profile picture It weighed in a 3.4 lbs. Its a rainy cool day, I could have let it go another day but I think I let the other one mature too much last year and it didn't taste as good. This year, I'm splitting it up between a couple of friends who have given me fish and mushrooms in the past. Does anyone have some tips on when to pick these before they get too mature?
  21. Just thought I'd share a couple pics from northern Minnesota, USA. I had one lone shaggy mane growing in the front yard. That is from my attempts to get my front yard populated with spores. I throw all byproducts in my front yard after cleaning mushrooms. The Maitake has been growing each year for the past 4 years. As you can see there is a small creature guarding it
  22. Yes, I dread having to ask for anything but its just the reality of running a site. Every little bit makes a difference. I'm looking forward to getting past the financial part and getting into making the site a little more friendly looking now that the software is up-to-date. (Feel free to PM me with suggestions... some of you have already. Thank you) If you're able to donate, please take a look at my signature below or take a look at the post that lays out the expenses that are expected for the year. Thank you!
  23. Welcome to the boards :-) ... I'm not from PA but I think there are a few who are. Either way, there are some very knowledgeable people here that will probably be able to help even if they aren't from PA. Have fun!
  24. I'm sure you've all noticed that the site has changed a little bit. This is due to a major upgrade to the site. The upgrade was done because the other version was so old that the company would not assist us with questions or problems with the site. Now that things are upgraded, you'll probably notice the biggest difference if you visit the site on your phone or tablet. Things are much easier to use. Also, chat actually works now! Since this was a major upgrade, themes did not carry over. I'm hoping to start putting together a theme again. Something that will be fitting for the site. So far, everything seems to be operating as it should. If you notice anything working oddly, please private message me.
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