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  1. Thanks, I put them in a stir fry and they were good
  2. I believe these are fall oysters. I’m questioning because some had distinct ‘stem’ as seen in first photo. Also found a different type of oyster which were more white (the last two pics). Wondering if both these species are in fact oysters and if anyone knows the scientific names?
  3. Ah yes that fits, thanks!
  4. Growing out of the ground in mixed forest, Ontario. The 'stem' was very long and hard near the bottom. Almost as if it turned into a tree root is the best way I could describe it.
  5. Thanks, I will definitely give the tubaeformis a try!
  6. So I found two different species of “yellow foot” today in Ontario. One I think being what I typically see listed as yellow foot (Craterellus tubaeformis) and the other variation I believe is Craterellus lutescens. They look similar but the tubaeformis was darker with more distinct “gills” the lutescens more wavy and oddly shaped and smoother underneath. Does anyone have experience eating these mushrooms? C. Lutescens: C. Tubaeformis: Comparison of the two with Lutescens on left:
  7. Found in a grassy area under some pines in Ontario. I was thinking maybe brevipes or granulatus but i really don’t know.
  8. Yum! do you have a recipe for those dishes?
  9. Any ideas on this species? Ontario
  10. Chicken of the woods fajitas are really good!
  11. Thank-you, after doing a bit more research I believe these are Craterellus Lutescens as they have more smooth wrinkles than distinct false gills. Also the smell was pretty fragrant to me they smelt a lot like a black trumpet. I couldn't find a whole lot on edibility although some sources did list this as edible
  12. Thought these may be yellowfoot chanterelles, or some look a like? Found in mixed forest Ontario.
  13. Thanks, ya they weren't buggy actually
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