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  1. @Dave W out of curiosity, how can names change? Is it the technical names or the unofficial names, like "King Bolete".
  2. Wow, what a cool find. Do you have any photos of the leaves on the tree? I may be able to help a little that way. The bark looks like an old oak tree to me but judging by the background of the photos, that is not the usual habitat for the oaks I know of.
  3. Thanks @vitog. I had a feeling that might be the case but wasn't sure... there are a lot of mushrooms I am sure I haven't heard of yet
  4. Hi @apocryphon, we're glad to have another fellow forager around here. Right now I can only hunt for Chagga in northern Minnesota... I'm curious, do you pretty much have mushrooms growing year round where you're at?
  5. Hello @apocryphon, welcome to the forums. Those are some nice mushrooms. I've always wanted to get my hands on some but have never found any that were in good shape... except for that one time before I knew they were edible
  6. Welcome to the forums. We hope that you will enjoy the time you spend here :-) It sounds like you fit all of our requirements: likes hunting mushrooms.
  7. Sorry I'm a little late to reply... Its hard to say for sure because the tree is pretty dark in the photo but it looks to me like a tree tumor.
  8. Hello @MycoUprrhizal, I cannot find anything on that mushroom. I must be bad at searching. Would you mind sending a link to a site with details on that mushroom?
  9. At the PBS station I work at in Minnesota, there is a locally produced show called Common Ground. It focuses on local art, nature, events in northern Minnesota. When I started, I suggested doing an episode on foraging for mushrooms. There is an annual mushroom dinner in our area and I thought it would be interesting for the reasons obvious to anyone who is on this forum. I was informed that they already had an episode on just that. The focus is on Morel mushrooms but includes other mushrooms too if I remember right. Check it out at the URL below... you could also watch it on Roku or AppleTV, using the PBS app. Hopefully this will help some of us in frozen areas to get through the winter without being able to forage. video.lptv.org/video/2365542195/ Also a YouTube link:
  10. These rules are in place for everyone's protection—physically as well as digitally. The rules are simple. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts (trolling). Our decision is final in these matters. To avoid confusion, ID Requests for different mushrooms should be posted separately. Posts containing requests of multiple mushrooms may be removed. This is for your physical well being. Be tolerant and respectful of your fellow forum members. Advertising and/or spamming is not allowed. Advertising and spam posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned. This is not a forum for promoting psychoactive substances. There are forums which are better suited for this so please go there if you feel the need to promote this. Disclaimer: A warning about potential danger of eating wild mushrooms Eating certain types of mushrooms can cause severe illness or even death. DO NOT eat a mushroom unless you have absolutely verified, for your self, the ID of the mushroom. There are some deadly species of mushrooms which look very much like edible ones (see the photo below). Some look identical, even to a well trained eye. The purpose of this community is to help eachother learn. Often times, that means offering or getting help identifying a mushroom. Members of this site are not liable for damages incurred by anyone who consumes a mushroom based on the help they received here. Use good judgement and don't take the risk if you don't know for sure what you have. Here is an example of two, nearly identical looking mushrooms. One is edible and one is poisonous. There are many other mushrooms like this.
  11. Yes. That is odd. I don't see them either. Are you linking to photos on your Google drive by any chance? The URLs for the images are to Google servers.
  12. Wow. Up until about a month ago, I was wondering if we had mushrooms growing in Minnesota still. Now the only mushrooms growing here are inside. Nice finds :-)
  13. Nice. Not many people start out with all the pics. Good finds :-)
  14. Every time I clean mushrooms I throw the trimmings in the front or back yard. After a few years of doing this, I've had Shaggy Manes popping up in an area where they would not normally grow. I've also continued to have a Maitake growing on one tree in the front yard. However, that was there before I started doing this. I still haven't been able to get any other oaks to grow one yet. I would say its definitely worth a try. I have normally only taken a few chunks of the Maitake and placed it on ground by the tree. Never used a whole mushroom to do it.
  15. We have just received enough donations to cover our expenses for one year! There was a good mix of new and long time members of the forums who helped out. Many thanks goes out to those who have contributed. Your contributions help to keep this site up and running. It also helps to keep this site ad free. This forum is all about the community and making it welcoming to anyone who wants to learn about mushrooms/mycology. The fact that we can be self sustaining from the help of new and long time members alike says a lot about what we have here. New members already see the value in the community and long time members have been around for years and are continuing to help out. To our list of donors below, thank you again for helping out. List of Supporters vitog $20 (Sep 2016) Anonymous $30 (Sep 2016) Yergadera $7 (Sep 2016) tautautau $5 (Sep 2016) shroomersue $10 (Sep 2016) alooney11 $5 (Sep 2016) Anonymous $20 (Sep 2016) Anonymous $25 (Sep 2016) my_silly_M $20 [0.3291260 BTC] (Oct 2016) John Smalldridge $20 (Oct 2016) jsalva $25 (Oct 2016) Not on the list but still want to help out? Just scroll to the bottom of this page to donate. Here is why we need your help.
  16. @jsalva, thank you for helping out with your donation of $25. It is greatly appreciated.
  17. Nice. Thats the best when they grow close to home :-)
  18. Wow. I love this thread. Those are some awesome finds. For myself, I don't have a photo but its a funny story. Probably one of my more exciting finds. A friend and I went out in several places, just randomly looking in places where Morels might be. He had found them before but I had never seen one in my life. It was my first time looking for them. We hiked and wandered all over. We didn't find one mushroom. Later that day, I went home. I lived on a 1/2 acher lot at the time, in a small town. As I was walking in my back yard, over by my compost pile, I noticed weird looking shriveled leaves... then I got a closer look. There were two Morels growing right in my back yard! I harvested one just to see what they taste like and left the other one in hopes it would drop spores. Well, I've never seen another Morel since that day. But it was pretty exciting.
  19. Another thanks goes out to @John Smalldridge for helping support the forums with $20. Have a great day!
  20. So many pounds of good mushroom! I gave most of my harvest (one 3.4lbs hen) to a friend who cooked up a bunch and then dehydrated and ground up the rest for use in soup. I tasted a little bit of the ground up stuff and it was amazing. If you don't think you'll eat all of it, definitely grind it up. Or do you freeze it?
  21. In the computer world there is a thing called GNU... its all about software freedom. It is a somewhat rare thing compared to the rest of software... also it is different from Open Source. Maybe this only translates to computer geeks but I feel like the Morel is like the `gMushroom` (usually 'g' is added to the begining of the name of software that is "GNU" software). I'm not sure if this translates well but maybe one of my computer geek cohorts out there will stumble upon this at the very least. :-) Great pic. I love when Morels look like that... so soft and unreal looking. I think its pretty cool that the morel is sort of like the dark horse that no one can get a hold on.
  22. Looks like it to me. I have one that grows in the front yard but have never seen it when its very young. Usually one day I just notice it after its about 2lbs. Thanks for posting pics. I always wondered what it would look like as a chick. ;-)
  23. Thanks to DaveW for providing this guideline for getting help identifying your mushroom finds that are new to you. There are NO "rule of thumb" criteria for determining edibility of wild mushrooms. When in doubt, throw it out. Tips on how to ask for an Identifying (ID) Only request identification of one type of mushroom in a post. If you have more than one mushroom you need help identifying, create a post for each mushroom. This will help avoid confusion about which mushroom is being ID'd. (this is a forum rule) The preferred photos of the mushroom include the cap, the gills/pores (on the underside), the base of the stem, and the entire mushroom in profile. One or two photos of any unusual or otherwise interesting feature may also be helpful. Blurry photos are probably not going to help. Information about any odor, staining/bruising color change, or otherwise interesting feature may be useful. Information about habitat is usually essential. Type of dead wood or, for terrestrials, types of nearby living trees is very useful. Learning to make a good spore print can be very useful. Identifying fresh mushrooms in person can be hard enough. Discussing IDs online can be very tricky business. When a member suggests that a name applies to some mushroom, this should be viewed as a suggestion only. It is up to the collector to be certain of the ID. We recommend joining a mushroom club nearby your home and learning from experienced hunters about your own local mushrooms. Here is a diagram that will help you learn the parts of a mushroom. It will be handy for understanding terms used by other members and will also help you describe what you're seeing.
  24. Nice finds! Thanks for sharing. The puffballs are easy to identify but as far as the other mushrooms, I couldn't say.
  25. Wow, 4-5 uses is pretty good. It seems to me it goes a long way. It seems I've been doing it wrong! I did boil a 4x4 inch piece a couple of times but it sounds like I need to make it smaller. Thanks for the input.
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