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  1. definatly not Hemipholiota populnea this is and populnea is scalely 1300 × 953 - dreamstime.com sorry on last post had a problem with the photo but here is a link to it.
  2. Hi im a shroom hunter from nor cal where we are really lucky to have an abundance of mushroom varieties of excellent quality. after all the redwoods are located in a temperate rain forest so we get lots of water, 36 inches last month. I'm really excited to join this forum and share my love of mushroom hunting, cooking, identification, chemistry, and fun uses like dying and art. feel free to send me cool pictures or questions to me. I love to cook too and trade recipes.
  3. Basket of bears head(pom pom du blanc) and lions mane from my backyard. i love to sauté in a nice garlic beurre blanc sauce. the lions mane have the texture of sea anemone tentacles, exotic. scroll down page.
  4. those are nice fat honeys. one tip, the outside of the stems are usually tough but you can cut them in half up the middle of the stem and peel out the delicate inside. kinda looks like string cheese and is the most delicate part of the honeys and really absorbs sauce or flavoring in stirfrys forgot to mention they pickle well. what kind of mushrooms did you pick in Moldova. i hear its beautiful and inexpensive to visit
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