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  1. Ooh, dear forum, found these mushrooms again and couldn't remember the name to save my life but found this thread and figured it out! Google didn't help... Thank you, thank you! 😍 Just wanted to thank that you are out there!
  2. Thanks again for your help! Good to know they aren't edible since there were hundreds of them on the trail and I didn't pick any...)))
  3. Wow, so interesting! They looked poisonous to me.) Anyways foraging is illegal in Glacier but if I'll see them somewhere else will try them. Thank you!
  4. Howard, thank you! Will do some research on Clavariadelphus!
  5. Thank you guys, they all were at the same location, it was a long very steep hiking trail so the elevation was different. Some spots were damp some dry. May be that's why the mushrooms look different. Thanks!
  6. Last week we went to Glacier National Park. NW Montana, coniferous forest. These mushrooms were actually bright orange, they look much paler in my pictures. What that would be? Thank you!
  7. Last week saw these in Northern Idaho, coniferous forest. What do you think?
  8. Couldn't agree more. That's what we Russians do!
  9. Thank you, Dave and Old Oak! I found them in Oregon, on top of the mountain.
  10. Hi guys! What about mine, are they oysters?
  11. The Mushroom Whisperer, thank you for your response! I'd just googled Subalpine Waxycap, and everything matches. It fruits under or near snowbanks, and there was snow around. Rocky Mountains to Pacific Northwest, spring and summer. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys! Found them in eastern Oregon, in the mountains at around 5000 feet, in a coniferous forest. They were growing under the giant fir. Spore print is white. Thanks!
  13. Tried spore prints on white and black paper. White didn't show anything.
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