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  1. looks like a mica cap, Coprinellus sp,
  2. diana

    No idea what this may be

    Dave, you are right again! Lactarius. Actually had small drops of milk on one picked this evening.. Perhaps lactarius florididanus? Can't find any info on this species but the picture in Mushrooms of the Southeast looks about right. Funny that there is a picture but no write up
  3. diana

    No idea what this may be

    Spore print was pure white. I did find the print I made actually still sitting on the counter. Did it half on a slide for the microscope but time has a way of getting away from me. I was hoping to find another yesterday but we took the dogs on another route for their evening walk.
  4. diana

    No idea what this may be

    Shape had me thinking lactarius but no milk. I will check it on paper as you suggest. Could it be one of the tricholoma mushrooms?
  5. diana

    Which Suillus?

    My feeling also about peeling..... too much trouble. Now, if it was last year when I was hungry to find something edible I probably would have done the work. More jaded now. Now the fun is in identifying. But yes, veil present. Actually found a young one couple minutes ago. Pine is either a Florida Long leaf or a Slash Pine.
  6. diana

    Destroying Angel?

    Okay, I do know that this is an amanita. Always the prettiest mushrooms in the woods 😲 White almost translucent cap, no warts or powder. Long beautiful skirt. I thought I had taken more pictures but sometimes they just don't appear..
  7. Lots of these to be found on our daily dog walk. Curious as to what they may be. Light tan top that looks leathery. I did do a spore print but dang it with the holidays and all I forgot what it was! I'll see if they are still around and do another print if needed. Growing on ground in mixed wooded area. Found the print. Spores white
  8. diana

    Which Suillus?

    Been finding these lately. Pine tree nearby, sticky wet caps, tan spore print and cap skin turns pink with ammonia. Just can't identify which suillus it may be. Also, if preparing for consumption how do you remove skin? And are the tubes removed also before cooking? Guess the last question would be for all (eatable) boletes..
  9. diana

    Mushroom on bark id

    Looks like Oyster to me
  10. diana

    Trichoderma peltatum?

    I don't remember where exactly the spores dropped from BUT the log that the first one came from is producing another in the same location. I brought the log onto the screened porch and put a piece of foil under the log to catch any spores since I have no idea when this thing would be mature enough to produce. (Small log only brought in so that DH does not do anything with it by accident.)
  11. This is just the tip of the iceburg! Do not buy a house because you love the old trees. It's costing us a fortune removing the trees as they die. These are large oaks that only live about 50 years. Water oaks. Cost about $5000 to have removed. Did have one grandfather oak on the property -- they live for several hundred years -- but had to have that removed because the roots were lifting the house!! I see the honeys and note another tree dying . Pretty soon we will have a naked yard. I could have found a house with no trees if I had wanted one. Live and learn. 😭
  12. diana

    Mushrooms in Lidl

    I'm going to check my local Aldi for mushrooms. We have a great market in Tampa, Sanwa, that is right next to the wholesale farmers market. Worth the trip into Tampa for me for the unusual veggies and gourmet mushrooms. Great prices of fresh food. The main store caters to restaurant supply, large size canned and dry goods and way too expensive.
  13. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. " This is a picture of my backyard. Doesn't do it justice. Can't seem to get the feeling of being surrounded to photograph. This is the greatest concentration here but believe me, there is more! I've parboiled and froze enough of young ones to get me through the year. The rest are just wasted.
  14. diana

    Polypore ID help

    This is exactly what I have been finding here in the Tampa Bay area. There is a discussion going on now on this board. https://wildmushroomhunting.org/index.php?/topic/4709-trichoderma-peltatum/
  15. diana

    Trichoderma peltatum?

    I had already picked the younger one yesterday to try for a spore print. I will put both in the dehydrator and keep a lookout for more. If I do find another I will let it mature in order to collect spores. They are very leathery and should dry fine whole.