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  1. diana

    Need Mushroom ID (chicken of the woods?)

    Glowing in the dark is not reliable. I have yet to get a good glow from Jack o lanterns which these are.
  2. diana

    Is this an Clitocybe gibba ?

    looks like a lactarius to me. Not all produce a milky latex. I bet if you tasted this (and spit) that it would be hot or acrid.
  3. diana

    ID Help Please

    doesn't look like honeys to me either. I haven't come across the ringed honeys but I do know that the ringless have a sort of hairy cap.
  4. diana

    Help with another Bolete

    Love this!! I too have made unwise choices. Has soured me on the ambiguous boletes.
  5. diana

    Lactarius ID please. Edible?

    Yes, lactarius hygrophoroides, I believe. I saute as usual and add to meals. The texture remains firm after cooking. These and the other two that look similar are my favorite to find. These and oyster mushrooms. I too would love to find recipes that make them shine. Of course it needs to be mentioned that I have never found any of the "better" mushrooms such as morels and chanterelles.
  6. diana

    Anyone know this small bolete

    my guess is the leccinum family of boletes......
  7. diana

    Ident confirmation help

    Why all the winking? Does this mean you are joking or doing something illicit?
  8. diana

    Boletes everywhere

    I know it seems weird to be all over the south but not in Fl. Just that patroiticus is said to occur there. Since when is NJ the south 🤣
  9. diana

    Austroboletus gracilis??

    I'm so afraid that I may develop a taste for bitter. Even T Felleus. They are so pretty and hope springs eternal -- I taste to make sure. Remember your first cup of coffee, first beer, first whatever? But they grew on you, right? Lordy, don't let this happen to me! 😱
  10. diana

    Boletes everywhere

    That would make sense. But.... it's said not to occur in Florida. i went on Mushroom Obs. and found you but no instance of this in Fl. Ga, tx, al, va, all around the south just not here. Oh did see a report of New Jersey, huh? Anything else similar?
  11. Just concentrating on one variety. Thought this would be easy to id but I'm hitting a brick wall. Bright lemon yellow pores that stain blue. Cap flesh instantly stains a pale red that fades to gray. Stipe almost bulbous and textured (scabers?}, stains blue. First picture inside light. 2nd picture outside light. .
  12. diana

    Austroboletus gracilis??

    For Austroboletus gracilis shouldn't the tubes be deeper?
  13. diana

    Morphed bolete ????

    Sure is strange looking!
  14. Thanks! That helps a lot. I need to quit bringing in every bolete I find and just bring home one to Id. I get so confused when I have a tray of maybe 20 that are probably 6 different types. I'm driving myself batty.
  15. I think I found one of the huronensis last year. Looked beautiful except the tide mark. They are said to be found in Florida also or it was a case of paranoia. I had not heard that there were actual fatalities related to it but did know that it was very bad news!