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Wild forager in Raleigh NC

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Mushrooms are more of a side interest for me, and I am definitely still learning. I stick to the mostly foolproof local species and am cautious about others, though I'll take anything unknown or unusual home to spore print and try to key out. I teach gourmet wild foraging and cooking at the Piedmont Wildlife Center in Durham.

Have some pics of my finds this week!




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Great, would love to learn what else you forage to consider mushrooms as a "side interest". I pick the odd berries and nuts and some plants, but never in quantities comparable to mushrooms.

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@Cedric, I teach at the Piedmont Wildlife Center in Durham, primarily on the kitchen end, using various wild edibles we forage in class. Sarah Haggerty is the primary educator there, and she is awesome in the field and has taught me quite a lot about the kinds of wild edibles that I can turn into amazing cuisine!

Right now I'm hitting fireweed (Erichtites hieracfolia), shiso, spicebush berry (it's a great seasoning), false and true nettle (awesome ravioli filling), calamus root, passion flower and fruit, unripe black walnuts for flavor tincturing, elderberries (tail end of season!) for my signature elderberry habanero BBQ sauce, American quinine (cocktail tincture), yarrow (shatter fried leaves are a spectacular garnish that tastes like potato chips), cattail, calamus and more. This isn't the best season for foraging anything but mushrooms, though.

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I’m interested in learning how to forage for wild mushrooms. I’m willing to pay for someone’s time to teach me how to safely do this. Please advise- thank your!

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