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  1. She sure was a beauty. In her prime she must have fed a lot of deer, squirrels, and other wildlife.
  2. Nice finds Old Oak! I agree that Adam Haritan's videos are well worth the time it takes to watch them. Maybe I'll get the the chance to get out and hunt soon.
  3. Good one Old Oak! That explains the deer attacks on the funny video shows.
  4. Turtles love mushrooms too! I've witnessed box turtles eating A. muscaria and other mushrooms also. Around here squirrels are the number one poacher in my mushroom spots.
  5. Wow!!! That's a really nice score Old Oak! Hens are a mushroom on my want to find list.
  6. Those are some neat looking mushrooms for sure. Every once in a while I'm tempted to try cooking one but then I read a report that they are not that great and decide to just enjoy the way they look.
  7. Those are always fun to find and eat!
  8. Eat-bolete that looks like you got your share of mushrooms this year. I'm in the same boat as cajun this year with a new wife and four month old son. Needless to say that I haven't had as much time to forage or fish as I have in the past.
  9. Wow! Honeys already! Looks like you had a fun forage.
  10. That's a nice haul there Matt! I've not been brave enough to push through the mosquitos to check my trumpet spots.
  11. Nice variety! The indigos are always a fun find.
  12. Wow! Those are large examples of cinnabarinus. I've seen them vary a lot in size, but I've never personally seen such meaty looking ones.
  13. Slime molds look so amazing. Nice collection of photos. If you don't mind me passing on a tip, the sky in the background in photos 4,5, and 6 detracts from the mushroom and sunlight hitting the front of the lens cuts down on the useable information reaching the sensor.
  14. Those are some nice finds Matt! It's been a little dry here but we're supposed to get some rain this week.
  15. The thing about trumpets is that they are highly aromatic but very thin fleshed. Because of this I tend to use them in a way that doesn't emphasize the use of garlic or onions. A very plain omelet or scrambled eggs or maybe steamed with rice or as risotto. Nice finds!
  16. Yeah those blood suckers are nasty. I try to spray clothing around all potential entry points especially shoes socks and pant legs. Hope this doesn't put your mom off to going mushroom hunting again and I also hope that she suffers no ill effects from her tick bites.
  17. Nice photos! The Russula parvovirescens are one of my favorites although I don't find them in much quantity.
  18. Nice one! To me all the boletes are interesting and fun to find and photograph.
  19. Chanterelles are always a welcome find. Glad to see that you're on them Cajun!
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