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    Mycophile at large. Morels, Chanterelles, oysters mostly. Chef who loves working with wild edibles. Cooking started my love of foraging. Medicinal plants. Gardening. Organics. Sustainable living. We all have something to learn/teach each other.
  1. Yellow beauties growing from my succulent house plant under the crystal If anyone has any pictures of mushrooms growing from house plants or bags of soil please share them here. Happy hunting...err growing
  2. You might be a mycophile if...
  3. I am wanting to spend some of my tax return on a GPS unit. I am a total GPS noobie and don't know what unit would be the best for me. I want something that will read through dense leaved trees deep in forests, but also don't want to spend more than a few hundred greenbacks. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy hunting, Blake
  4. Last fall I tried a little Blewit cultivation project too. I was inspired by GeorgeM's post and the above video too. lol I found some Blewits growing on decaying wood chips in a park. I moved some of the colonized wood chips to a spot in my roommate's parent's yard. When I checked last year late in the fall the mycelium was running. I hope for a big flush this fall. Do Blewits ever fruit in the spring?
  5. That video now has 19,722 views! Congratulations on so many viewings. That growth time line just proves to me again that the grays are the yellows. The grays come first because they grow into the yellows. Gotta leave the Esculentas to grow into maturity. It is obviously worth the wait. Happy Hunting
  6. Blake

    I'm Back

    Thanks feralboy. It is great to read your name and words again. Happy Hunting!
  7. I was just researching Flammulina velutipes yesterday as I sometimes find some early Morel season. Those pictures look very similar to the ones that I was looking at. A spore print would be key. I wonder if they are still there. Any way you can get a print still? If they are Flammulina velutipes (enoki) they are great eating. Happy hunting, Blake
  8. My roommate and I went out to check one of our early spots and didn't find any Morels. She did find a small cluster of Oysters that I brought home. That prompted me to check my local oyster spot. I found some that were already grown and rotted or possibly were from last fall and just hydrated by the recent rain. I must say all of this rain is a blessing. I have a feeling that it is going to be a great Morel year. Last year it was too warm too early and they emerged early and didn't have the numbers I had hoped for. This pre-season I am picturing lots of huge sclerotium (the ones that didn't fruit last year) soaking up this rain and growing to gargantuan sizes before blasting above ground. I have found the Michigan Automated Weather Network very helpful. I picked it up at the old site and forget who posted it there, but thanks to whomever posted it first. Here is MAWN link- http://www.agweather.geo.msu.edu/mawn/ Temps are getting good and I need to get out there very soon. Happy Hunting, Blake
  9. Blake

    I'm Back

    Hello everyone. Some of you will hopefully remember me from the old site. I joined up on this new one, but only posted once and then didn't have anything to show off during the winter. I have them Morel mushroom itch! I haven't had any Morel dreams yet. I am wondering what everyone is finding this spring so far...so I am back. Happy Hunting! Blake
  10. Great to see the old gang back together. I need to get out in the woods. I did find a wonderful flush of oysters. I will put up pics in a different thread when I have some time. I was stoked to see that a new forum was up, but now that makes 4 forums for me. Happy hunting everyone.
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