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  1. I've been itching to get pick some morels here in CT but so far no luck. It's been very, very dry and none to warm... oh well. I got a good lead on a big old apple orchard I want to check out, just hope we get a little rain. Only thing worth picking I've found lately is ramps. At least the fishing's been decent.
  2. Wow - that's awesome. Personally I love analyzing data and I've often daydreamed about something like what you've done but never got around to anything like it. Well done!
  3. ID confirmation

    Don't know what others think but I personally don't par boil them (just sautee in butter & oil) and I rate them very highly for flavor. I guess there can be variations in flavor between populations but the ones around me are excellent (and not very slimy at all for that matter). Just my 2 cents of course.
  4. Edible polypore?

    Climacodon septentrionale (shelving tooth, northern tooth) - not edible as far as I know, but pretty cool looking.
  5. Fall Mushrooms

    Here in Fairfield CT the trumpets finally ended a great season. The honeys are out in decent numbers, I found one hen, oysters, and lots of chickens (but I keep finding them after they're too old). Last weekend I went to my favorite spot and a dog walker told me she'd seen mushroom pickers there every day that week! Not fair!
  6. Summer Edibles

    0.2" of rain in the last 10 days and temps in the high 80's to low 90's and climbing... I haven't been able to find anything worthwhile at all and with the bugs out in force it isn't very pleasant to go exploring. Wishing for some real rain but none in the 10 day forecast. I hear the blue crabs are here though - that should be a fun alternative.
  7. Russulas

    I find both growing together here in southern CT - it's too hard for me to tell them apart in the field aside from tasting them and that becomes difficult after tasting an acrid one because the flavor lingers so I can't tell if I'm tasting the mushroom I just picked or the one before it. In the end I gave up on picking green russulas for the table - which is too bad because the aeruginea are very tasty.
  8. Summer Edibles

    Wow cool looking lunch! I also found berkeley's polypore for the first time recently. Since then I've spotted it while I was driving around, usually at the base of oak trees in people's yards. I collected two - one was pretty flavorless and the other one was a little bitter. It's too bad they didn't taste good because the quantity was awesome and the texture was pretty good but the flavor just didn't do anything for me. I've read that people eat them so maybe some specimens taste good - there was definitely a big difference between the two I tried so maybe a third would have been the charm - but as it is, with all the other great mushrooms I'm finding around my new digs I'm leaving the berks alone. As for trumpets - O don't know what habitat they grow in where you live but around me they're mostly in beech/oak woods on slightly elevated areas (ridges and humps - especially mossy ones) near moist/swampy spots. I guess this year is a "feast" year - I happen to own a dehydrator and as soon as I finish this batch of jerky I'm drying some trumpets.
  9. Summer Edibles

    Good call! The "besides morels" thread I started was way outdated! I've been finding crazy numbers of black trumpets. I know you saw my post on the other thread but that wasn't the end of it. Just about everywhere I've gone for the last two weeks has produced trumpets, and now that I know what habitat to look for I don't just stumble on them, so I'm finding really good quantity. I just moved to the area last September and haven't been here during trumpet season before so I don't know if this kind of black trumpet bonanza is normal or how long it will last but I'm trying to take full advantage of it while I can. The only trouble with trumpets is it's very time consuming to get any real weight - you have to pick an awful lot of mushrooms to get a pound or two. Besides trumpets I'm finding some mixed boletes in small numbers, the best tasting being bicolor ( but I just find a couple of here and there). In the chanterelle department I've found very small numbers of cinnabarinus, minor and tubaeformis and even smaller numbers of cibarius. I'm sure there are places that produce good numbers of cibarius around here but I haven't been able to find them yet. Lactarius volemus just started showing up in good quantities. Besides those I'm not picking anything. There are plenty of amazing looking mushrooms growing everywhere I look but I leave them alone for the most part, at least for now.
  10. Two days of the best picking I've ever had. All from the same public beech/oak woods 2.1 miles from my house! I'm going back tomorrow because all of these are from just three ridges and there are several more ridges to explore!
  11. I guess this belongs here... tiny collection of minor & cinnabarinus. I'm finding minor in small collections all over the place, cinnabarinus not as much and cibarius not at all - I will keep looking
  12. wishing you a quick recovery ladyfish. Here are some of the results of more prospecting in some beech/oak woods yesterday. There were a few milkies, bicolor boletes and a crown coral that made it to my plate before it got around to picture time
  13. I'm pretty sure but not 100% - I'm pretty new to ID'ing boletes. Here's a close up of the pattern of fine dots on the top portion of the stalk that lead me to go with Suillus granulatus. Other features seem to match up well with the granulatus ID too - size, season, affiliation with conifers, coloration & slimy cap.
  14. I'm still prospecting for spots, I don't have established go-to locations so I won't even compare my finds to Dave's... but today's prospecting mission turned out pretty good by my standards! Black Trumpets Granulated Boletes & Old Man of the Woods Hygrophorus Milkies Crown Coral I also thought I found some Edulis but they were bitter boletes!!! Just as well since they were totally worm-infected anyway.
  15. Haven't been finding much lately. The oysters seem to have finally slowed down (too bad, it was great while it lasted). I'm finding a couple of tree ears here and there and some crown coral but rarely enough for more than a few bites. I did find a little patch of young stropharia today - that was a nice little bonus. There are lots of amanitas and russulas popping up but I don't mess with them. Here's a picture of the largest crown coral I've found - it was the first I ever ate and I thought it was fantastic, I would put it very high on my list of favorites but I'd like to try it a few more times to see if it's really as good as I thought or I just drowned it in butter! What do you all think of crown coral?