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  1. dakotabob

    Florida Mushrooms...FINALLY!

    Very nice pictures ladyfish! I have been up in Canada fly fishing for most of the last two months. I thought I would check in.
  2. dakotabob

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Welcome Susan!
  3. dakotabob

    Blewit Success

    I bought the spawn through Parks Seed but it came from Mushroom Mountain.
  4. dakotabob

    Blewit Success

    You will never know unless you try. Besides, purple and gold would look cool!
  5. dakotabob

    Blewit Success

    Thanks Ladyfish! To my knowledge, they don't grow around my area. I decided the only way to that I was going to eat any was to grow them myself. If nothing else, they help break down compost for the garden.
  6. Last fall I bought some blewit spawn to spread around my house. I stored it until March and then added it to a compost barrel that I had in my garage. In April, I took it outside and started a compost pile on the north side of the house. Today, I found the first of what I hope will be many blewit mushrooms under some juniper trees adjacent to where I planted the blewit laden compost.
  7. dakotabob

    A good day in Southwestern Ontario

    Nice haul there shroomersue!
  8. dakotabob

    Telluride Mushroom Festival 2014

    One of these years, I should try to make that trip. The worst part of the drive would be here in NW North Dakota. The oil traffic here is nuts anyplace west of me.
  9. dakotabob

    Norway Spruce mushrooms

    Nice haul! WE are suppose to get 3 inches of rain this weekend. I will have to get out next week.
  10. dakotabob

    Newbie with a Matsutake?

    I don't know anything about Matsutake. I have never attempted to collect them. When Dave stops by, he can probably render you some help. I just wanted to welcome you aboard. The slow approach is a good one. I try to learn about two to three per year myself. It doesn't take too long before you have most of the good edibles in your area covered.
  11. dakotabob

    A few photos to share.

    You are making me drool Dave! Arcadia National Park sounds like a nice area to do some foraging. I have been to Maine but I have never been to Vermont. It is the only New England state that I have not set foot in. Well, good luck with the rest of your vacation. We will see you when you return.
  12. dakotabob

    A few photos to share.

    Are you back from your foray Dave? How was it?
  13. dakotabob

    A wonderful lunch break find.

    That would be a great lunch break find. However if I found them, they would have ended up in an omelet the next morning. Nice find!
  14. Those are cool. Maybe they should call them Cantharellus flamingoae.
  15. dakotabob

    Central NC after summer rains

    I am jealous coastwx! I have yet to find any form of Hericium. I guess that I am never in the right type of woods at the right time of year. You are right. It does seem a bit early for them but it was a great find. Some of the best finds often come when you least expect them.