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  1. The spore print was white, And they were delicious! Thanks for your help!
  2. Does anyone know of a book specifically on coral fungi, or a book with alot of coral species? I have a book with corals in ot but im constantly finding species that are not in this book and i am having a hard time identifying them. Any well would be apprectaited.
  3. I found this cluster of mushrooms on a fallen branch, im not 100% what type of branch it is. The branch was under a maple and a beech so i will assume its one of those two. Im awaiting a spore print now, i will post as soon as i get some spores. They have a very pleaseant mushroom oder, but it does not smell like anise which seems to be a constant theme in oyster mushrooms. My primary concern about this mushroom is the fact that the stem seems to be alil long for an oyster. I have never actually found a oyster mushroom so i would like to see what you knowledgable folks have to say. Thanks for any help.
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