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  1. I think that everyone should use moderation in the ingestion of many foods, supplements, minerals, etc that make scientifically unsubstantiated claims of improved- "whatever they hype." Many foods have both good and bad chemical compounds, but out body can handle many of the so called bad ones but not all of them. If only a tiny fraction of supplements found in drug stores, organic food stores whole food stores etc did just a fraction of what the hype is I don't think anyone would ever get sick and we'd all live to be 100 years old or more. In the past few years I've learned a lot about how our body can or can't use some nutrients,etc in common foods. Take the above mention Spinach: It has Iron and also oxaltes. They tend to bind to each other as well s the oxalates bind to calcium. The type of iron in spinach is not able to be used by the body except for about 2 to 20%. However one can use extra vitamin C to make more of the iron able to be used. One can also pair it with other iron rich foods to get better absorption. This info opened my eyes since I found out aobut the adsorption since I always was told that spinach had lots of Iron and it was something I really liked. I sill like it since it tastes so good. I've suffered for much of my adult life with chronic pain, high blood pressure and hereditary high cholesterol. I've tried many medicines over the years and a true allergy to one but have many with undesirable side effects. I've tried 4 types of stains for my cholesterol but all gave me terrible cramps. Try having a cramp that lasts for hours. Some have even had muscle tissue damage due to statins. Some research has shown that some may get liver and kidney damage from the consumption of too may oysters mushrroms which contain the statin Lovastatin. The damage from the use of oysters was proven in studies on rabbits but matched symptoms in residents in the area. Would this stop me from eating the occasional nice fresh batch of oyster mushrooms? NO. However I would even think about any tincture. etc made from them. I'm pretty ware of knowing whether a newly prescribed medicine is actually helping me or if I have side effects. There's one that have what I call a time/space effect. Each spring I hunt morels in the Shenandoah area and have driven some of the same good country roads for now close to 390 years. This medicine made me feel as if I was going much faster than I really was and made me feel like I was too close to the road edge and made me hog the middle of the road. This doesn't work well with oncoming traffic or having locals back up being me from going to slow. This wasn't a terrible side effect but the medicine also didn't help with my pain as it does with some. If anyone wants the latest research and studies on many foods, minerals, etc, just type the name i.e. Tumeric and then NIH. The National Institute of Heath provides the most applicable studese of the latest info on many foods, etc. By the way Tumeric by itself doesn't do much but by combining it with a chemical from black pepper some studies have shown it can help with inflammation. Try looking at "antioxidants, NIH" Just use good judgement when using any supplement or eating too much of any food or use of any supplement. Even whether you are male or female can make a difference in how some foods, supplements act on one's body. Someone wrote that they've used a certain supplement for over 10 years and haven't had a clod in that time. I haven't used that or any fungal or herbal supplement and haven't had a cold in over 20 years. S So, did his sues of that supplement help him??? I think that many older (ugh- I grudgingly admit I'm one of the oldsters) people don't get many colds since we've developed antibodies against many of the causes. There are 2 types of virus that cause colds.
  2. I've hunted the Shenandoah VA area for morels for over 25 years and used to keep very detailed records. Soil temp., rain amounts for the prior year and especially the last month or so prior to normal fruiting time, the trees and other plants and their stages of growth, etc. I was always told that the White morels, M. americana and M. diminutiva fruited when the red bud bloomed. This is often true but not always. I've found out the Red bud blooms within about a week each year. The morels fruitng can sometimes be a week or even 2 weeks later than the red bud blooms. The most accurate plant stage I rely on is when the May Apples leaves flatten out is prime time. Remember there will always be someone report their early morel finds. These are the ones who have hunted them hard for many years and know some early patches, but the major or widespread fruitngs will be a week to 10 days later.
  3. Going slow helps with not falling and can result in more mushroom finds. Another good idea is to use a walking stick. Not a cane, but a stick at least armpit tall. It helps when going downhill, uphill, and crossing over logs or small streams. It's like having a third leg.If you see oysters on the far side of a stream and would need to use a log to cross, ask if it's worth the risk of slipping and falling into the stream.
  4. Here s a link to Harvard Health on the known and suspected benefit of CBD as well as some of the negative effects it may have. Note that they say, as with nearly all other supposed "medicinal" mushroom benefits that further research is needed. I like to know what science knows rather than listen to hype. TimG https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/cannabidiol-cbd-what-we-know-and-what-we-dont-2018082414476
  5. The site above is good but I didn't see a discussion board, like the one we're typing on now.
  6. Does anyone know of any good morel discussion board other than the mushroom club of GA? Such as the one That M. Kuo used to have ,with Dave, and Tim, and Rex as moderators. Hi Dave. Tim
  7. Anyone who uses mushroom for unsupported scientific data are taking a big risk.As with all approved medicines they've been tested in humans and exact dosage determined. Too mush os a real medicine can have bad side effects even death in some cases. I.E- too much potassium can kill you. Medicines that have been developed from fungi are not a blend of the 1000 or more chemicals that may be good or harmful to one's health, especially concentrated. Chaga has very high levels of Oxalates, which can cause seriuos side effects and has been linked to at least one death. AND- you have ot cut the living part of the Chaga from a live tree. The conk itself doesn't offer what many people are told from those who are trying to sell HYPE! If some uses a mushroom, especially a concentrated extract and has some side effects, would they think they may be caused by the fungal extract? That's one reason human testing is essential in determining if any chemical is safe. I've looked a many fungi and have found known side effects on only all but ONE Species. Oyster mushrooms contain a statin ( lovastatin) , but does anyone know how much per ounce or pound one would need to take to have any effect to control cholesterol and what other issues that amount might cause. A research article on rabbits showed that oyster mushroom research showed serious liver and kidney issues, which were consistent with local reports form people. Go ahead and take a chance if you want. Eating many mushrroms occasionally is common but too many or concentration may be detrimental. One's body can deal with low level of many toxins but not high levels. If many of the supposed claims made about the efficiency of fungal chemical were remotely true then the big drug companies would be jumping all over them. Read the 2020 issue of Scientific American article on hoh the big pharmaceutical companies are using Artificial Intelligence to test new compounds since they are in a drug-discovery slump.
  8. It may be a bit early for the yellow morels, but you may find black morels under the Tulip Poplars, or Ash trees if you can find any that haven't been almost killed by the Emerald Ash Borer. It was originally thought the borer killed the Ash completely but many have new growth coming from near the base of the otherwise dead looking tree. Although there may be other edibles such as the deer (fawn ) mushroom the only mushrooms I'd eat are the true morels. We've hunted the Shenandoah park near Luray and Front Royal VA. for over 30 years an morels are about the only good edible fruitng in the spring. I also do a bit of morel hunting in SC but that's a completely different type of habitat which is very limited and now hunted hard.
  9. From over 30 years of keeping records, spring morels can fruit about 7-10 days early if the spring stays warm well over normal, without cold snaps. This has only happened 2 times in 30 years. Most years the begin date and peak dates varied by only 3-4 days at most. We've had some warm and some cold springs in that time. Of course how much moisture there had been preceding the normal start time made more of a difference in if or how many we found.
  10. There has been one documented death attributed to the oxalic acid b a person who used Chaga tea. Besides, the only way to get any nutrients from chaga is to cut the living mycelium part of the fungi from a live tree. Conks from dead tree have nothing active. The dried conk does not have active ingredients. I had to do a lot of searching on the net to find any reputable studies on the oxalc acid amount in Chaga. The preceding was taken from a scientific paper and condensed. The Oxalic acid on some food is not able to be digested by the body. As in many chemicals in fungi and other sources, some can be obtained by water while others take other methods to obtain. Only the water digestible Oxalic ones may be harmful and form kidney stones. I'd never cut a living tree for something that has no PROVEN health benefits.
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