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  1. In my opinion, the hen in camilles last post is perfect for eating. The texture is perfect at that stage, I just worry that picking them while immature sets you up for failure next year. Can anybody comment on whether picking hens early is bad for the mycelium?
  2. That’s what I figured. We were a 45 min hike and a 2 hour drive from the airBNB, so I didn’t get as detailed as normal. No worries!
  3. Sleeping bear dunes, about 1/2 mile from Lake Michigan. 1 birch tree nearby clinging on to the side of the dune. These were scattered around the area of the tree growing directly out of the sand. Didnt have a knife on me to cut, and was too far out to grab any for closer inspection. I probably should have shook the sand off the base in hindsight. Just snapped a couple pictures Incase ID was easy enough based on environment. Gills were a bit darker than in the sunlight in the picture.
  4. Looks like clitocybe nuda to me, should be fragrant, citrusy. In my experience, they turn a much deeper shade of purple when they’re rinsed in cold water.
  5. Are the irinas always that big? Jeez! I left mine out at room temperature overnight and didn’t notice anything different other than some oxidization on the cut stems. I originally reported this as “bruising” but I think I was wrong there.
  6. Spore print is pinkish to peach. Taste not distinctive, not bitter or peppery
  7. Hello again all. Another possible new species (for me) in my woods. They fruited recently, probably over the weekend judging by the maturity. Mixed hardwood (oak/cherry/boxelder) among leaf litter and general decomposing wood bits. They spawned right on top of what was a pretty good patch of Clitocybe Nuda/Purple blewits about 3 weeks ago. Is it possible for both species to fruit in the same 20 foot area? There are -lots- of these, and 90% of them are in clusters like what's pictured. Odor: fragrant but more like your common grocery store mushroom. Bruising: beige to slightly yellow. Texture: smooth, firm cap. somewhat brittle fibrous stem. Spore color: in process (update, pinkish to peach, see below reply)
  8. For the second ones: Maybe Amanita Muscaria var. Alba? That’s about as close as I could get with image searches.
  9. My hens regularly envelop leaves & sticks and get all kinds of creepy crawlers, but I’ve never heard of them absorbing sand 😕
  10. This link is as close an ID as I could ever find. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/130945-Tremella-reticulata (White coral jelly fungus) these are everywhere in my woods this year and look very similar to yours. (NE IL, SE WI) i still can’t be sure...
  11. Possibly an older specimen of indigo milk cap (lactarius indigo). A “unicorn” for me. Never seen one in person!
  12. I’ve had these a couple times and they’re “pretty tasty” - the one pictured looks like it’s in prime condition
  13. Hello again. i find this single mushroom every year growing out of the same fallen tree (I believe all pictures are of boxelder, based on the green young branches and small leaves). This year I found two growing within 10 feet of each other out of 2 separate trees. Both dead/nearly dead but still showing some signs of new growth. Both mushrooms are growing from knots in the log where old branches have broken off. The photos uploaded a bit jumbled from my phone in the rain today so here’s the “key” 1,2,4 & 7: today, mushroom 1, about 3” across in the cap 3,5,6: today, mushroom 2, a bit larger, maybe 3.5” 8,9,10: last year, same log as #2, but in a slightly different spot if you need more information I can go back to the spot quickly. I left both mushrooms in place as it seems to me that a solitary mushroom can only drop so many spores, and I figured I’d let nature do it’s thing. ✌️😌✌️
  14. Sorry I went back to get better photos of the underside and they were all dried up. I got 2 pictures but they probably aren’t very useful.
  15. Fresh. Dried I’m sure they’re much more $$
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