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    Brewing, Cooking & Experimenting with wild edibles

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  1. BastedBrew

    Ink cap?

    5-6 hour print. Almost black to the eye. Second photo edited for vibrancy/saturation with no other modification and shows purple tones. The last photo I tried to backlight to show the print on black. There’s a reddish tone in some light... i can’t make a decision based on your suggestions. They’re both very close!
  2. BastedBrew

    Stink horn just for fun

    Another fun find from the walk today. Humming with flies. Not so much fun to look at or smell. Plenty of “eggs” still ready to fruit. Can anyone comment on edibility? I’ve heard yes, I don’t know if I would even if they were delicious...
  3. BastedBrew

    Ink cap?

    My hunting grounds are producing a lot of new mushrooms this year (or I’m getting better at noticing) and I’m not familiar with this one. Larger/older specimens cap size 3.5”. These are degrading quickly and are very brittle. Pleasant odor, if a bit spicy. Taking a spore print now. Caps are leathery to the touch, gills are fragile. Old ones turning black around the edges.
  4. BastedBrew


    You’ll need to take a spore print to confirm, but since it was in the yard it’s probably the toxic c. Molybdites/false parasol/“vomiter” if that’s the case, the gills would turn greenish with age and have a green spore print. My experience with the non-toxic parasol vs toxic here: https://wildmushroomhunting.org/index.php?/topic/3539-chlorophyllum-rhacode-shaggy-parasol/
  5. BastedBrew

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    Yours looks pinkish on the brown but is a much thicker print than mine. My caps were wet from rain and probably dropped a lot of spores already. I’m going to swing back tomorrow and see if I can get some fresh ones that are drier and try again
  6. BastedBrew

    Grifola Frondosa

    Yup. Hens for sure. I like to peel the ears off like string cheese, poach them in butter and then grill them My only concern when picking hens for consumption is their environment. There is an oak at the base of the alleyway that I share with 4 other neighbors. The concrete drains right into the roots of the tree, so all of our car oil, dirt, road slush and other toxic garbage runs into the base of that tree. Every year it produces huge, beautiful hens that are fun to look at but I won’t eat.
  7. BastedBrew

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    Yes, a fun fragrance. One of the taste testers said it tasted like mint. Definitely mild with herbal notes
  8. BastedBrew

    What is this guy?

    I believe you have the same earthball as in this thread: (not a truffle, not scleroderma, but pisolithus arhizus)
  9. BastedBrew

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    it rained today so it’s faint, but very light almost white on black. Definitely more pinkish on the brown. Can’t really see it on the white After washing them in cold water they turned a much deeper purple
  10. I was surprised to find these where I did today. There’s a small patch near me that usually flushes once or twice this time of year. That patch isn’t fruiting yet so I figured I’d double check here to make sure. Same general environment, growing out of leaf and bark litter near oak & cherry. Hens just started popping so it’s the right time of year. Basically white in situ but after picking/cutting they oxidize purple. Rained today so they’re pretty dirty, cleaned a few up and am taking a spore print. sorry for the shadows, lighting is poor inside right now and I was getting mauled by clouds of mosquitoes outside
  11. BastedBrew

    Chicken of the woods??

    I agree with berkley’s, but even then it’s probably pretty old...
  12. BastedBrew

    Chickens? Wood ID help

    Definitely chickens, if the first pic is the underside, I’d lean towards l. Sulphureus based on the colorful yellow “tips” on the ends in the 2nd photo. Looks like cherry bark to me, but I’m not familiar with the area or l. Huroniensis, so I’d wait for more opinions
  13. BastedBrew

    Any hens yet?

    Night walk with my dog. I’m sure there will be loads more when I can actually see what I’m looking at NE IL/SE WIp
  14. BastedBrew

    Weird plant/fungus?

    Indian ghost pipes. I don’t know much about them other than I’ve been told that they’re parasitic to russula mycelium. When I find ghost pipes I almost always find russula genus mushrooms
  15. Lots of inherited knowledge about plants, fungi and the rhythms of nature have been lost by generations more interested in flashing screens and magazines. Sorry, soapbox. And welcome! 😁