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  1. These mushrooms were growing in wood mulch and have a purple brown spore print and were found in northeast ohio.
  2. Crown tipped coral are indeed edible but other coral species can be deadly poisonous and I'm not 100% sure this is crown tipped coral but if it is crown tipped coral I hear they are delicious. Edit: after more research I've heard that if it is growing out of the ground and not off of a log or downed tree that it is not a crown tipped coral and it appears yours came out of the ground so I wouldn't eat it to be safe.
  3. Was it growing off of dead wood? Could be crown tipped coral (Artomyces Pyxidatus) but it doesn't seem to have the "crown tip" possibly some other coral mushroom.
  4. At Dave W. The inside of the base of the questionable muscaria was a deep milky white and no I sadly don't have any Meltzer's reagent and as for the multisquamosa do you believe those would have similar amounts of muscimol as A. Pantherina? I don't intend on ingesting these just curious. Edit: both mushrooms have white spore prints
  5. Thanks for the quick response. I also found these nearby I'm not sure if they're a different variation of muscaria
  6. I'm having a hard time identifying these because they look like muscaria var. Guessowi but the color seems off
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