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Suillus of an unsure variety


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I don't know about you folks in Washington/Oregon and surrounding states, but we're finally getting some rainy days here on the west coast of BC. The real 'shrooming officially begins!

I found these under a pine (lodgepole, to my best knowledge) recently, cleaned, and consumed them. Fried them in left-over (Canadian) thanksgiving pot-drippings. Mild and delicious. I am quite sure that they are Suillus brevipes, but I'm not certain. They were scattered in a ring around the tree, in small clusters and individual specimens. What do you think?




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Those appear to be a type of Suillus that does not have a partial veil (covering over the pores when young) that develops into a ring on the stalk. Suillus brevipes is a good proposal. The short stalks appear to lack the sticky glandular dots that are seen on lots of other Suillus species. Also, the cut flesh seen in the photo shows no stain (change in color). These are all S. brevipes traits.

Another ringless type of Suillus --very common here in eastern NA-- is Suillus granulatus.

Nice photos showing useful characteristics!

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