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I've been on a hunt for more winter oyster mushrooms since I found and thoroughly enjoyed my first batch. After a pretty good hike today I believe I finally found some more! Some were very large and beginning to dry then I found a few more growing from nearly the underside of a log a few feet from the first clusters I found in the pictures below. Just wanted a second opinion before I cook them. Thank you for your help and happy holidays! They're kinda different colors between the two batches slightly but I was assuming that was from age/drying and not 2 different Pleurotus species.








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On 12/30/2018 at 3:47 AM, Phil said:

Great pictures. What type of tree is that?

Thank you Phil! Honestly, I need to step up my tree identification big time, however this tree has lost almost all of its bark and the top is gone so idk for sure what it is. Next trip I will try to get an answer to that and focus on improving my tree id-ing weakness.

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8 hours ago, Phil said:

That tree is a good find. You can keep going back to pick  more.

I've checked it one more time since, nothing yet but I'm definitely gonna check that spot after rains, luckily it's actually really accessible 

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