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Blue Staining Bolete


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Last year I did not try to ID many boletes because there was just so many that I focused on easier mushrooms. But this blue stainer is the first Bolete I have seen this year so I figured why not start early this season.

Growing in yard /grass under redoak.

Stains blue immediately

Smells mushroomy/non distinctive

Did not taste due to it staining blue

Seems like one of the obvious non edible boletes but I see these alot and would appreciate any input on a possible ID.

Also forgot to add the cap is slightly slimy but it had rained on and off all morning.





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I'm guessing that when this mushroom was younger the cap was redder than as seen, possibly also the stem.

I have basically two suggestions...

Maybe one of the species campestris, harrisonii, fraternus, rubellus which I think have all been moved from genus Boletus to genus Hortiboletus. 

The other suggestion... Xerocomellus intermedius. 

These types are all smallish red and yellow boletes with pores and flesh that stains blue. 

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Thank you Dave, I was leaning to Hortiboletus rubellus or campestris based on what I remember from last year. But I have never seen either in a aged state so I really had no idea before posting this. I seen alot of blue staining yellow pored boletes last year so I would like to atleast know which ones im seeing just for education purposes. Thanks again Dave .

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