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Fungi or Alien?

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This looks like it might be some kind of post-mature stinkhorn that has split open, but I couldn't find an obvious one in Google Images.

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On 3/19/2022 at 11:27 PM, Dave W said:

I think this is a lichen; looks like a  species of Peltigera. Compare with P. membranacea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peltigera_membranacea .

Agreed, definitely a lichen.  I keep meaning to learn more about the various genera of lichen.  I need to get a good field guide.  I have an old ancient one with hand drawn pictures, but it has a key with lots of technical terms, and no glossary, so it's mostly unusable.   It's a local field guide for my area, so would be a good compliment to a better guide.  Assuming the genera/species names haven't changed too much (which they undoubtedly have 😕  ).

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Lichen books: Lichens of North America by Brodo et al is a very comprehensive guide, a really big book. Also, Macrolichens of New England by Hinds is another large expensive book. My wife studies lichens to some extent. If you post good photos here I could probably at least provide a suggestion for the ID. But, you would get some really good help with lichens on Mushroom Observer. There are a few MO members who are very knowledgeable. Jason Hollinger is an expert on NA lichens and he willingly shares his expertise. 

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