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  1. Not to far away from us here in Southeast Indiana.
  2. My wife and I are noobs so let us know if you see anything noteworthy. Enjoy! (These were all found on our property)
  3. Thank you for the responses! Still not sure what it is. I have a bunch of other pretty awesome mushroom pictures I'll post.
  4. First post and very excited to be here. My wife and I moved to the woods 2 years ago and have been living in a camper while building a house over that time. My parents purchased this propery a little over 40 years ago and the neighbors have been deer hunting, ginseng hunting and shroom hunting here for decades. We have been too busy building so we haven't had much time yet to enjoy the fruits of the land. Last year we had an explosion of smooth chanterelles that were impossible to miss and absolutely littered the forest floor. We collected and cooked them up and thus started our shroom journey. Pictured is something that I would almost describe as a white chanterelle. It has the same offset stem and wavy profile. It was growing directly from a fallen tree. Southest Indiana. Forest of Poplar, Beech, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut (A bunch of dead Ash). I want to eat it.
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