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  1. Not a morel. You might want to look at the Gyromitra genus.
  2. Wonderful, thank you, both.
  3. Thank you both. I got a spore print and it was white for those curious.
  4. Saprobic; Found on dead elm in SE Wisconsin. Other mushrooms of same species growing sparsely along with it. No spore print for now.
  5. Found on dead box elder in SE Wisconsin today (early spring, first of the mushrooms here along with Dryad’s Saddle). It tasted and smelled like “mushroom” but tasted raw and the texture was cold and a bit slimy. Are there any Oyster look alikes that are toxic? I was reading about the Lentinellus genus, which look somewhat similar but seem to have enough distinct characteristics (jagged edges on gills, little or no stem on some species).
  6. Found on what looks like a dead ash in SE Wisconsin. Texture was soft but compact. I was able to break into chunks and crumbles easily.
  7. Found on dead wood in hardwoods forest in SE Wisconsin. Couldn’t tell wood type. Could maybe be E. Glandulosa? Some concave portions of the fungus lead me to E. Recisa though. Anyone have any helpful comments? Thanks in advance.
  8. @Dave W thank you so much for all your help and knowledge!
  9. Perfect, thank you! I've been using Kuo's website to help with IDing and he is very detailed, so I'll have to check it out.
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