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  1. Was on the decaying tree in the last pic. Looks like cottonwood maybe? In forest with lots of other dryad's saddle.
  2. just want to say that this is beautiful!
  3. This one looks pretty straightforward to me, but I just want to make sure I'm IDing correctly. There seem to be quite a few birds' nest fungi. I unfortunately wasn't too observant when I saw these. Didn't even notice the "eggs" in the bottom, nor did I look at the tree, but from the photo it looks like a decaying birch.
  4. @troutddicted Thank you for the well wishes:) Best of luck to you as well. @Dave W Great pic and thanks for the info!
  5. I found these pretty close to the ink caps I posted earlier. Could this be a coprinopsis atramentaria based on the little orange flecks on the cap? These are much fresher than the other shrooms I posted earlier so I didn't recognize them at first. The stem, cap, and color looked completely different to me.
  6. Found these on a dead buckthorn stump. They look like trametes versicolor, but I want to make sure they are not stereum ostrea. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thank you, @Dave W This is my first year mushroom hunting and I haven't found any morels yet, but I am having a field day learning all of these other species. Have a few more pics I got today for anyone else interested. Does anyone have info about the white flecks on the outside of the cup?
  8. I know the pics aren't the best, but I am hoping someone can help ID these. There were in an open area in little forest. Brushy, junky. I brought one home to examine it more but it was wet and mushy. Or shall I say inky? Hope you all don't mind the influx of posts from this noob. And I appreciate the help and generosity of time ya'll have given me
  9. Found on ground. Maybe 5 cm? In a somewhat open area in box-elder forest. Not near any upright trees. Sorry about my bad phone camera.
  10. @JOHNY I didn't grab any when I was there, so I will have to grab some when I go back to this spot. I will report a spore print then
  11. Thanks, Dave, for the tip. I am definitely not eating these specific shrooms as I read on wikipedia that coprinellus micaeus especially absorb heavy metals, thereby making roadside pollution much worse. I will be on the lookout for more of these in safer places, though.
  12. Dave, thank you very much! I will do a spore print.
  13. Found these in a dead upright (basswood?) tree, north side, mostly away from sun. Many of them smaller than a penny or dime. I have no idea what they are...Hypholoma fasciculare is a complete guess. Help would be appreciated.
  14. Thank you Johny for the response! I'm actually going to leave these for now until I am 100% sure And anyway, they are very close the the roadside and I read that coprinellus micaecus can accumulate heavy metals when next to roadsides. Thanks bobby b! I am looking forward to trying them in the future.
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