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  1. Found growing alone on what looks like a box elder just after a rain. Can't remember if wood was dead or alive, but probably dead. This fungus looks like it could possibly Exidia Recisa but it looks perhaps a bit too brown to be E. recisa?
  2. Thanks! And thanks for sharing that website...looks great!
  3. That sounds great! I still need to need to get a microscope for more in depth study of spores.
  4. Thank you so much for your help and keeping this forum flourishing!!
  5. You may have forgotten to post the pics
  6. Found growing gregariously on dead wood about a week ago in a hardwoods forest. Didn’t check wood type, pretty sure it was decayed and unrecognizable. Clusters of mica caps growing nearby. edit: spore print pale, although the edges were more brown Added spore print pic Sinuate gills, jagged cap margin. Drop of purple juice in first pic leads me to believe this is mycena haematopus. Would love to hear other opinions from more knowledgeable people though
  7. Found on dead log in SE WI.
  8. One other thing @Dave W, can I ask how you IDed this mushroom? Was it by any chance just off of familiarity alone or did you use a key? I bought Kuo's book as Calvert suggested and this shroom wasn't in it, nor was I able to find it by using Kuo's key to pale spored gilled mushrooms on his website. Is there a better online key you could recommend?
  9. Thank you so much Dave! I really appreciated you sharing your knowledge
  10. This one seems pretty straightforward to me, but I just want to double check in case there could be a similar coprinopsis…I read on Michael Kuo’s website about a coprinopsis atramentaria var. squamosus. I also read how C. variegata is a summer and fall mushroom whereas C. Atramentaria can be be found in spring, summer and fall. In SE WI conditions are much more cool and springy than summery so far. These shrooms were found growing gregariously and in clusters on a decaying log (didn’t check what kind). In various stages of deliquescing. Spore print dark brown.
  11. Found on a a dead elm log in a forest in SE WI. White spore print. Conditions here have been more typical of cool early spring weather rather than June weather.
  12. Found growing in shady wood chip bed densely clustered. Possibly parasola plicatilis? There isn’t much color left on these guys so I guess it’s hard to tell. SE Wisconsin on a property on Lake Michigan. Apologies for less than stellar pics.
  13. Not a morel. You might want to look at the Gyromitra genus.
  14. Wonderful, thank you, both.
  15. Thank you both. I got a spore print and it was white for those curious.
  16. Saprobic; Found on dead elm in SE Wisconsin. Other mushrooms of same species growing sparsely along with it. No spore print for now.
  17. Found on dead box elder in SE Wisconsin today (early spring, first of the mushrooms here along with Dryad’s Saddle). It tasted and smelled like “mushroom” but tasted raw and the texture was cold and a bit slimy. Are there any Oyster look alikes that are toxic? I was reading about the Lentinellus genus, which look somewhat similar but seem to have enough distinct characteristics (jagged edges on gills, little or no stem on some species).
  18. Found on what looks like a dead ash in SE Wisconsin. Texture was soft but compact. I was able to break into chunks and crumbles easily.
  19. Found on dead wood in hardwoods forest in SE Wisconsin. Couldn’t tell wood type. Could maybe be E. Glandulosa? Some concave portions of the fungus lead me to E. Recisa though. Anyone have any helpful comments? Thanks in advance.
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