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  1. I been finding more and more of these and curious to know what they are. Brown spore print.
  2. You cannot eat the turkey tail but i think you can make a tea.....i am not 100% sure
  3. I finished them they were excellent . i was just worried because all the ones i am use to are convex but you can never be to sure.
  4. Yes it rained 2 days ago for some time. It was growing off the rotten wood. Yeah it is smooth no bumps, just a little curvy.
  5. Found these in the middle of the trail while i was picking chestnuts. The hats of these mushrooms are different turning up instead of down which is throwing me off. Spore test came back purple.
  6. I think you can eat that dried out but prepare to see a bunch of elves
  7. What the heck happened? Lol do the spore print on a sheet of loose leaf paper I think that works best..if you have anymore in healthy condition.
  8. I was nervous after i washed them because the gills turned green so i picked at them for a few days and just finished them off today.....delicious!
  9. Growing around old stumps and inside downed rotten trees. Spore test came back purple. Brick caps? Northern NY
  10. It is soft and flexible and definitely not a oyster lol
  11. Found these oyster looking mushrooms today here in northern NY. Anyone know the exact name?
  12. I threw out the boiled ones and ate the oysters. Meaty and Delicious
  13. I picked one more so you can see them without being boiled. I hope these are good because I can fill up a pail full I'm surprised the deers didn't get to them first
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