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  1. Randomly walked my friends wooded area today and didnt have my phone but managed to grab a bunch of different mushrooms and bring them home. I do not plan on eating any of them except for the bottom 3 on the left. I believe the rest are all dangerous but I'm curious to know which ones. The 4 white ones on top i think might be the only other safe mushrooms. Again sorry for not having my camera with me on the trails and i know these pictures arent the best.
  2. This is the only picture i have before I washed them.
  3. I thought these were common
  4. Found these hunting today upstate ny. Anybody know the name? They look delicious!
  5. I been finding more and more of these and curious to know what they are. Brown spore print.
  6. You cannot eat the turkey tail but i think you can make a tea.....i am not 100% sure
  7. I finished them they were excellent . i was just worried because all the ones i am use to are convex but you can never be to sure.
  8. Yes it rained 2 days ago for some time. It was growing off the rotten wood. Yeah it is smooth no bumps, just a little curvy.
  9. Found these in the middle of the trail while i was picking chestnuts. The hats of these mushrooms are different turning up instead of down which is throwing me off. Spore test came back purple.
  10. I think you can eat that dried out but prepare to see a bunch of elves
  11. What the heck happened? Lol do the spore print on a sheet of loose leaf paper I think that works best..if you have anymore in healthy condition.
  12. I was nervous after i washed them because the gills turned green so i picked at them for a few days and just finished them off today.....delicious!
  13. Growing around old stumps and inside downed rotten trees. Spore test came back purple. Brick caps? Northern NY
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