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  1. I thought these were fairy rings at first glance however the gill attachment is incorrect. I've tried looking for lookalikes but can't find anything convincing. Stem is tough and pliant, does not break cleanly. Gills are decurrent. Cap has a blunt point in the middle, some caps are inverted, some of the younger ones are convex or ovate. Found in grass. Some small trees nearby. Smell is rather unpleasant, much like extremely concentrated laundry detergent, almost asphyxiating. Spore print: tbd
  2. Milk did not change colour. The odor is maybe very slightly sweet. No distinct taste. Are there any dangerous lookalikes?
  3. I found a whole bunch of these but I'm not convinced they are Lactarius... The margin of the cap is not wavy, however they do bleed when the gills are broken or the stem is detached. No noticeable odour when crushed or not. I attempted a spore print however it was not successful (or perhaps very faintly white).
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone, and especially to Dave with the incredibly detailed one
  5. If one were to harvest all of the species of one mushroom in a given area, could it be possible to re-harvest in that same area within a relatively short timeframe? Or do the fruit bodies only appear in an area in abundance once per season? I'm thinking along the lines of an apple tree for example. If I picked all the apples off a tree, I would have to wait until next year to pick that same tree...
  6. No staining at the base or anywhere it's been cut. I crushed up the stem and it smells very mildly of bleach or chlorine, but I'm pulling at straws since it's so mild.
  7. Found at the base of red cedar in a tight bunch. No distinguishable smell. Gills are free and light brown. Spore print on the way
  8. Thanks Dave. Have you ever eaten them? Are they worthwhile?
  9. I am having trouble being convinced because the colour of the cap is so light. I've never positively identified one before Thanks
  10. But this post doesn't show a cut mushroom so how are the responses already ruling out augustus?
  11. At first glance this looks to me very similar to agaricus augustus. Can someone explain to me how this is not considered?
  12. This weekend I went hunting in a new location, and found basically nothing. There were some mushrooms here and there, and large swaths of land that had absolutely nothing at all. Aside from the trees that were predominantly in these areas, the terrain was much similar to other places I've gone to. Bad luck? Bad trees? Something else?
  13. Medium mushroom with brown cap covered by dark scales. Stem with ring. Found in a cluster on a tree stump. Spore pattern is white
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