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  1. Yea threw him out after the photos, he was a bit water logged.
  2. Does a spore print 100% confirm an I'D? Say you have a mushroom and you've narrowed it down to two possible I'Ds, if you do a spore print and it matches one of the possibilities would that for sure confirm what it is?
  3. Aahh ok good to know thanks a bunch!
  4. Found hanging out in moss. Is this a chanterelle?
  5. Found these under a conifer tree growing out of the moss. They smell like apricots! Possible chanterelles or no?
  6. Hey thanks a bunch, yes I do mean the shrimp Russula it did have a more firm stalk than others. I actually found alot more, some that were rotting and they smelled like seafood!
  7. I see this guy all over the place only thing I found that's similar was crab brittle gill, but it doesn't smell like fish. Anyone know what it might be?
  8. Dave, Unfortunately I forgot to take note of what kind of tree it was on... I live on a very humid island and it has been raining quite a bit this last week. May not be worth while taste wise but still super cool that it's edible. I read a random foragers journal entry about it and they mentioned it has some respiratory medicinal uses. Not sure how accurate that is (gonna look that up some more). If it is true, that's also super cool..
  9. Thanks I'll check those out!
  10. Weird and fleshy wrinkles. Found in tall moss.
  11. I've heard it doesn't have a taste but it has a bit of a cooling sensation to it! I might try it...
  12. I see lots of witch's Butter around but this is by far the biggest I've seen, it was maybe only a bit smaller that a tennis ball. Guessing it's not witch's butter, but in the same family?
  13. Thanks for the input everyone, I'll for sure hit up the spots I found earlier next year.
  14. There were all kinds of lactarius mushrooms around. There were also a couple more of these around. Found in a more conifer covered ground. All of em looked pretty water logged tho. This one was the biggest and hidden under a fern so not as water logged. They all had a hard shell like feel and seemed very dence aside from the soggy parts. Soggy parts smelling of fish. Is there any way to test if it's a lobster or not? I read that there are no look alikes but I'm super new at this and it's my first time finding what looks like a lobster. Not gonna eat him, but I'd like to hear ab
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