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  1. Another Newbie

  2. Hen question

    I have never seen one so I just checked my local 'mushroom club's database, no record of hens collected by them either... The only hardwood I would find around here would be in someones yard, perhaps I should start staking out the neighborhood?
  3. Pleurotus eryngii or the King Oyster (trumpet mushroom) is not native to north america.... but it sure has some similar features. http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2x4392412/king_trumpet_mushrooms_pleurotus_eryngii_akf00108.jpg
  4. I have no idea what this is... looks like a white capped king oyster but I know they don't grow here... thinking it is some type of oyster? It's flesh is very dense/tough, but still pliable. I tried to get a spore print, left it for two days and nothing... Found growing on the ground, but there was also landscaping wood chips about as well. It was collected in Priddis, ab in a manicured patch of 'forest' between two fancy-schmancy estates. (Foothills of the rockymountains: pine, spruce, aspen, poplar) What do you guys think? If you look in this picture, one of the mushrooms has actually exploded somehow... Top view Close up of gills
  5. Pholiota?

    When I looked up pictures of Pholiota destruens they don't exactly match what I have found....because of that I am unsure of my ID? It keyed out as P. destruens from the characteristics - but mostly the fact that it was living on aspen. I did not notice any 'garlicky' odor... but they were pretty mature by then? Now I am looking through my guide and it could be Pholiota squarrosa or squarrosoides? Geesh, the descriptions all sound so similar!
  6. Chroogomphus....?

    Thanks for that pic! I have seen many of those around as well! I went wrong at the button stage because of the veil... I see now the error of my ways! lol
  7. Pholiota?

    Need some help with this ID.... I think it is a Pholiota something or other? Pholiota destruens? The cluster is at the base of a living trembling aspen. Located in Pirddis, Ab (foothills of the rocky mountains) As you can see from the comparison with my hand (not small girly hands haha), the caps range from about 6-15cm in size. The cap has soft scales and is slightly moist velvety feeling, even though the weather was dry, but by no means was it slimy. Broke one open, the flesh is white to buff. Here is a closeup of the gills on an older specimen. Here are some young specimens compared to older ones, found in the same cluster. Here is a closeup of the stalk and veil Here is a picture that shows the spore print on the lower mushroom shown here (would you call that cinnamon?) that has fallen from the mushroom above it....also managed to catch a glimpse of a wood nymph in the background hehe
  8. Mushroom Festivals!

    Well since this topic was quiet I figured that Mushroom festivals may be as illusive as their namesakes.... did a google and came up with a short list that I am sure is not complete, but its a start.... In addition to the festival in Sicamous (http://fungifestival.com/index.html) I found three others in BC: Barnfield Mushroom Festival Vancouver Island, BC http://www.mushroomfestival.ca/index.html Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival Pender Harbour, BC http://www.scshroom.org/info2011.html Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival Whistler, BC http://www.whistlernaturalists.ca/?page_id=20 However, I was able to find many more in the states: Cordova Fungus Festival Cordova, Alaska http://www.freewebs.com/cordovafungusfestival/ Shroomfest Telluride, Colorado http://www.shroomfest.com/ Mushroom Festival Chester County, Pennsylvania http://www.mushroomfestival.org/ Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival Olympia, Washtington http://www.pnwmushroomfest.com/index.html Richmond Annual Morel Mushroom Festival Richmond, Missouri http://www.richmondchamber.org/festival.html Irvine Mountain Mushroom Festival Irvine, Kentucky http://mountainmushroomfestival.org/ Wild Mushroom Celebration Long Beach Peninsula, Washington http://funbeach.com/mushroom/index.html Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras Morgan Hill, California http://www.dfgrocks.com/mhmmg/ Texas Mushroom Festival Madisonville, Texas http://www.texasmushroomfestival.com/ Morel Fest Boyne City, Michigan http://www.morelfest.com/ Mesick Mushroom Festival Mesick, Michigan http://www.mesick-mushroomfest.org/ Lewiston's Annual Morel Mushroom Festival Lewiston, Michigan http://www.lewistonchamber.com/Morel%20Mushrooms.htm Humungus Fungus Fest Crystal Falls, Michigan http://www.humungusfungusfest.com/index.html I came across this mushroom festival in Korea!!! Yangyang Songi Festival (Pine Mushroom Festival) http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=697207 My google search also came up with the Lyrics to a song... I just HAD to include it...just for fun! "Mushroom Festival In ######" ~ By Ween The wind is howling and the time is right for fear In the emergence in the phosphorescent tears And all the hippies gonna lick the mind of god? They've already been immersed in the wad The wind is howling and the sea is boiling down! The mind is the water! The mind is the water! Cuz it's a mushroom festival in ###### http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ween/mushroomfestivalinhell.html Edit: hahaha - the blocked 'bad word' is H.E.L.L.
  9. Mushroom Festivals!

    oohh, cool feature!
  10. Chroogomphus....?

    Well it seems my description (to myself) of the veil was a bit off.... I thought it looked 'hairy'(chroogomphus)... when I should of thought it looked like 'cobweb'(Cortinarius).....?? THIS is why I like this hobby so much.... very challenging! It will be YEARS before I am an expert... so it is tough to get bored! hahaha Love this site! Thanks guys!
  11. Chroogomphus....?

    Well I have been wrong before!!! LOL I do not have much practice with Cortinarius... so I have no rebuttle! haha I went in my files to see if I got a better pic of the gills, no luck - but I think I remember the gills running down the stalk...The specimens pictured above were very young still. But it DOES look like the gills are in fact NOT running down the stalk! Have I gone astray.....?
  12. I just found a Mushroom Festival in Sicamous, BC that happens every fall! http://fungifestival.com/index.html Too bad I can't go this year (7 hour drive through mountains each way), but it will be in my sights for next year. It would also be a good opportunity to visit with friends who live in the area. For those who don't know - the area is magnificent for scenery, lakes, mountains, fruit trees, lush vegetation... it's amazing and one of my very favorite places to be! I recommend it to anyone for a vacation spot! One day I would love to move to the interior of BC... just need a job there, and they are not easy to come by in the area. Anyway...Where and when are your local Mushroom festivals? Not sure they are common, but share if you are in-the-know!
  13. These are pretty common, but I haven't found them in great numbers... I also haven't sought them out either. I have not tried eating them yet because Arora says that they are better dried, and to be honest I have never found a large enough quantity of any edible that I needed to dry them...so I do not have a dehydrator.... I guess I could try the popcorn string method? Anyone have success with that? Anyway, these are a 'pine spike' I am pretty sure, but I do not have the ID to species. Didn't take a spore print either....was camping with a baby (need I say more?) haha I want to become more familiar with this family because they are so common.... just need a good way to preserve them first. I should just fork out the cash and get a dehydrator... just things are tight when on mat. leave haha What do you all think of the edibility of Chroogomphus...?
  14. Bittersweet Hedgehog Story

    ladyflyfsh, I thought I had resized all my pics to be under 300KB so I could get them all in? Or were you just talking about the pictures in general on this site? I spent a fair bit of time fixing all of them so if it didn't work, please let me know! lol Have fun hunting!
  15. Bittersweet Hedgehog Story

    Dave: Ya I looked at the Hawk's wing when trying to ID... that is what I was hoping for actually haha! On this trip I managed to collect three types of Yellow Capped Russulas... the ones you see pictured above are Russula lutea. These are a widespread edible in Alberta that are fairly easy to identify. They are not the best edible, but make good filler if your basket is a bit light for dinner. When I go hunting, I usually have my husband & daughter in tow... or a friend. They point out the shrooms for me or just pick what looks like I told them is OK. It works out good for me because it keeps you sharp in making your identifications. The outer shrooms are the lutea, then the middle three; there are two slimy looking ones, along with the more golden colored cap. Lutea are never slimy like that, so I knew they were different...and the other, well it smelled horribly of rotten fish. I think the stinky one belongs to either the Russula subnigricans group, or Russula sororia group??? I didn't waste a bunch of time on it - it stunk and I wanted it out of the garage! lol The slimy ones I am unsure, as I did not have a mature specimen to look at, I did not lose any sleep over it. Anyone want to take a stab? The three in the middle did stain very slightly, and it happened very slowly. Gills light colored (yellowish / creamish / whitish hahaha)