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  1. Also, it’s worth mentioning there are also a species of chanterelle called a “scaly chanterelle” that are generally poisonous, and I saw plenty of those yesterday as well, so be careful and don’t mistake them for a rain battered whites and try to cut away the white parts, they cause stomach upset in most people that eat them. They’re very easy to differentiate generally, but to the untrained eye they look like a rain battered white chant
  2. Awesome, cool to see others are having as much luck as I am. This is my first fall season ever for foraging, and I’m definitely going back to that forest for next year for sure!
  3. Yeah, try going a little earlier next year and I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of good stuff. What’s the biggest one you got today? My record white chanterelle is one that weighed a half pound and it was about 6 inches across. I found it probably no more than a half hour from where you’re located. The Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest is a great place for mushrooms. I was a late bloomer for that forest this year as well, I didn’t start hunting there til October 7th, so I’ll have to go a little earlier next year I think.
  4. Really? Wow! I was at my spot today and it was probably around 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit there, I wasn’t expecting much this time around but I got my biggest haul of the year so far! I’ll probably visit that spot in mid November if the temps are still up but other than that I think it’ll have to wait til spring. Maybe I’ll find some spring chanterelles, who knows? Idk if they grow in the spring though.
  5. Awesome! It’s a shame, I think today is the last day of mushroom season this year unfortunately. The lake Wenatchee area is supposed to be hit with snow and low teens temps for a couple days, which I fear might send all the mushrooms into hibernation. Hopefully they persevere through it, because the temps are supposed to shoot back up to the 40s and 50s by November
  6. Yeah as long they’re pure white on the inside
  7. Yep, I recently found a bunch of those in Washington state, but I would toss those reddish brown ones, they’re likely rain damaged, and likely are partially rotted as well, I’ve come across a lot and they’re honestly not worth saving in my opinion, too much work to try to cut away the good parts, so I leave them for the wildlife. Nice ones though! Where’d you find these? Edit: didn’t see the fact you were in Leavenworth. I’m in Wenatchee! I found almost 6 pounds of white chants in just three trips to the lake Wenatchee area, plus today I found about three pounds of white matsutakes a
  8. I found these in a coniferous forest under pine trees and fir trees. They have the funky cinnamon smell and they check off all the boxes for matsutakes, the stem is virtually unbreakable, the base of the stalk had some sand on it from the soil it was growing in, etc. what do you guys think?
  9. What does it mean for a mushroom to have a resinous stipe?
  10. It had rained the day previous to finding those though
  11. Found these bad boys on my last harvest trip. Biggest one was a half pound, and I got 2 lbs 4 oz total. So much fun!
  12. How can you guys tell it’s a suillus species? What characteristics give it away?
  13. Do you think it’s edible? I left these behind because I didn’t know exactly what they were
  14. Found these hunting a few days ago, in Washington state. They seemed to like growing around living conifers, probably pine but not sure they had a sticky cap but they were also wet as it had just rained the day previous
  15. This is the one I found a couple weeks or so ago. I was very surprised it tasted peppery, as all the other characteristics fit the bill for russula xerampelina, but if it’s not 100% then I guess I can’t eat it. The pepper taste was so overpowering anyway I wouldn’t have eaten it even if it was edible.
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