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  1. GCn15

    Tiny mushrooms

    Hard to say for sure without a cross section, but that was my initial thoughts.
  2. GCn15

    Tiny mushrooms

    Looks like puffballs. Do they have gills or one solid mass?
  3. I think it's awesome. Would it be able to be shipped to Canada?
  4. GCn15

    Need help! (New here)

    On the first page at the very top, you will see a thread called "how to ask for help identifying mushrooms". In this thread it will give you all the relevant info on how and what pictures to take to maximize the chances of a solid ID proposal for your mushrooms you are posting. There are a ton of very knowledgable posters here, but to maximize your odds of getting a confident ID proposal from someone the format in that thread can be very useful. A "sticky" is a pinned thread.
  5. GCn15

    This evening's hunt

    No mistaking R. Brevipes. They smell awful. I am seeing them by the truck load this year, and not one lobster....aaaargh
  6. GCn15

    Gerronema strombodes

    Pretty unremarkable mushroom for eating. In a lean year I pick them sometimes as filler for a mushroom dish with other mushroomsbut that's about it really. Good texture.
  7. GCn15

    Need help! (New here)

    Kind of look like Bicolor but I don't think your picture colors are doing them any justice. Could you describe the coloration in your own words or is your picture a true representation of color. You definitely have some form of boletes but please take a look at the sticky on how to post ID pics if you are hoping we can narrow it down exactly.
  8. GCn15

    Quite the surprise!!!

    Good thing you checked on them.
  9. Up in Northern Manitoba, my fall mushrooms are already beginning about 3 weeks early.
  10. GCn15

    Mushrooms for Research

    Good for you MattSH. it's nice to see people looking for natural alternatives to big pharma. unfortunately I am Canadian so I can not send you any samples over the border, but I wish you the best of luck.
  11. GCn15

    please help... it looks tasty....

    Could be a mushroom that is highly poisonous. Get a spore print and report back. Also a picture showing gill color and attachment would be helpful.
  12. GCn15


    Could be just a really old one I suppose. The rest all looked like chanties to me.
  13. GCn15


    Am I the only one who thinks the 3rd photo may not be a chanterelle?
  14. GCn15

    Chicken of the Woods?

    Definitely too old, but keep an eye on this location as they sometimes come back in the same location.
  15. GCn15

    Cantharellus spectaculus ?

    I think you may have two different Cantharellus species. One of them sure looks like the smooth chanterelle C. Lateritius. These are definitely cantharellus though.