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  1. GCn15

    Puffball identification

    They are alright. They need some help but can be very good.
  2. GCn15

    Clitocybe subconnexa?

    Might be some closely related type of clitocybe.
  3. GCn15

    Honeys ID

    With honeys it's about finding a good patch of dead poplars or other hardwood trees. You'll find them there. I know lots of guys go into healthy woods looking for them that have a dead tree or two, but I find the most success when you have big stands of dead poplar in one area. Once you find an area you usually have a few years of good picking.
  4. GCn15

    Clitocybe subconnexa?

    Yes it's possible for many varieties of mushrooms to sprout in close proximity to each other. Not sure what you have here though.
  5. GCn15

    Honeys ID

    You probably had the very wet summer like we did with copious amounts of summer/early fall mushrooms. I picked bushels of hedgehogs and agaricus mushrooms this year, My Dad who cottages near the Minnesota border on Lake of the Woods picked a bunch of honeys about 3 weeks ago. You may have missed the season if you are in Northern Minnesota.
  6. GCn15

    Puffball identification

    Calvatia gigantea would be my opinion. Definitely a puffball.
  7. GCn15

    Honeys, Armillaria mellea?

    It is some kind of armillaria, possibly mellea., imo. Spore print should be white.
  8. GCn15


    I found a large patch in early September (that's blewit season up here) around big mature spruce mixed with some jack pine on hard pack trail through caribou moss.
  9. GCn15

    First time picking mushrooms

    Definitely not honey mushrooms. Polyporus alveolarus would be my proposal.
  10. GCn15

    ID Help Please

    That is the white elfin saddle Helvella Crispa. Generally regarded as poisonous...do not eat.
  11. GCn15


    Yes.... a wise lesson indeed. I've eaten honeys for all of my life and always forget to mention that to people trying them for the first time. Very important to parboil unless you have a lot of time, a good book, and an affinity for the washroom.
  12. Definitely not chanterelle. My guess would be false chanterelle.
  13. GCn15

    Honeys ID

    No honeys for me this year. Our first frost never stopped. We went from 60 F to 30 F overnight and it stayed that way until heavy snow arrived a couple days later
  14. GCn15


    Based on your photos, I think they are honeys. Just be careful that all mushrooms that are not part of a cluster are the same. Sometimes Galerinas will grow alongside Honey's. Side by side they look pretty different so if you see any that seem a little different spore print them to be sure.