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identification request

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This mushroom was found growing beside a tree stump near a river in Boulder Colorado. I didn't get a pic of the natural environment. I am currently taking a spore print. 





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I can't quite tell from the photos whether the gills meet the stalk or do not touch the stalk.

My guess for this one is genus Pluteus. These types of mushrooms have gills that are "free" of the stalk. Spore print color is pink, tannish pink, or light brown if the print is very thick. Genus Entoloma produces pink-spored mushrooms. Entoloma mushrooms have gills that meet the stalk, although with some types the attachment is very thin, threadlike.

Sometimes it takes over 24 hours for spores to drop. But, Pluteus mushrooms usually drop spores within a few hours. Maybe it's too old to drop spores? Also, best to use a non-absorbent surface to collect a print.

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