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This one IS a mushroom... but what kind? Help!


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I'm in Connecticut. This huge mushroom is growing on, and immediately adjacent to, a stump in a woodsy part of my yard.

The texture is substantial, but not woody or leathery. Has thick lobes, but breaks easily. Broken pieces bruise very slowly, turning brown.

It has a rich, woody, mushroomy odor. There are no gills or visible pores. No stem/cap structure... growing directly from the decaying wood.

I don't know what kind of tree the stump was, but it was deciduous, not conifer.

I might also mention that in September, aborted Entoloma mushrooms grow here.

I can't find it in my books or online. I've looked at a zillion Polyphores but I can't find it. Am I on the wrong track? Does anyone recognize it?

Thanks so much!


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