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  1. Just Me

    Nice Site

    Thanks Mary After disabling my fb page for a few weeks I started getting use withdrawals and remembered this place.
  2. Just Me

    Nice Site

    Thanks Bob ! I think I remember you from NCM before Mike shut it down.
  3. Just Me

    Nice Site

    Thanks Nice to meet you
  4. Nice Pics Did you collect the frozen ones?? I have in the past, were good, but cooked asap.
  5. Just Me

    Nice Site

    Am from Southern Michigan and enjoy hunting and photographing shrooms. My favorite method of hunting them is stalking them down Silently in camo Then I kill them and eat them They are delicious! Sorry for being so graphic I know a little bit and am big into the safety aspect of shrooming. Am comfortable with the 15 to 25 species I collect for the table Always fun to learn a new one edible or not
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