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  1. I had been searching just to try to identify what I could. I found a lot of chanterelle and some others with red caps but these guy, in the picture below have been eluding me. Any help would be appreciated! Hopefully in the future I’ll be helping another noob like myself. I actually brought this guy home with me if more pictures would help but I have been searching for it’s photo.
  2. Good morning all, I am a simp from the ol corn state trying to be more active outside of work and I figured if I can learn a bit about foraging or plant identification it would be a possible “bonding experience” with my son who when he is older. right now I have a few goals in mind and I am aiming to find a group of people who can help explore parts of Ohio with me so I don’t have to be the statistic. Either the guy who ate the wrong thing or had been eaten. I didn’t think this would be easy, but teaching myself may be harder than I thought. What books would you recommend? I’m open to suggestions, any help is appreciated. What microscope do you trust? where do I look to figure out what this mushroom is? Or any in that matter? I cut it to try to bruise it but no luck, I’m not sure if there are any spores or if the page just got a little wet.
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