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  1. NTM P. cubensis has dozens of phenotypes
  2. They look like P. cubensis to me
  3. That’s the bulb that the lily grew from. Sometimes called a lily tuber. Edible. Never tried them myself, but have always planned on giving it a shot. Since lilies are so common and I don’t know a soul who has eaten a lily tuber, I’m guessing they’re not very good
  4. Ganoderma sp. definitely not F. hepatica. F. hepatica general will be solitary. I’ve seen a couple of photos where two fruits were stacked, but this seems to rare. It won’t litter an entire tree. It has a distinctly fleshy texture that cannot be mistaken. It is viscid and thicker than these mushrooms. these mushrooms appear to have the glossy varnish like surface typical of Ganoderma. I’m not sure which Ganoderma. I don’t have a species proposal, but I’m sure if you start looking in Ganoderma you can come up with one
  5. Pictures aren't ideal, but they look like Pluerotus ostreatus or similar
  6. Muscimol and ibotenic acid are water soluble. Supposedly par boiling in lots of water twice followed by complete drying can render these mushrooms edible. I've read reports of people trying this and still experiencing muscimol poisoning, however.
  7. These look to me like a Corprinellus species.
  8. The Amanita that starts with "P" is A. persicina. Given your location and the look of these mushrooms, A. persicina I would think is a good idea for these. The white one, I think represents a different species. Possibly something similar to A. gemmata
  9. I would start in Laccaria with these. They have the classic thick widely spaced adnate/slightly decurrent purple gills characteristic of the genus.
  10. Pretty sure that's just lichen, not fungus https://www.pilotonline.com/life/home-garden/article_e7993ff2-132f-5293-a5de-9009d4fd0cc3.html Cladonia cristatella or similar
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