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  1. The gills did not exude any latex when scratched. Is it the case that not every lactarius does that?
  2. I've been seeing a lot of these lately under hemlocks, beech, birch, and maple in Upstate NY. They have exceptionally firm flesh and a neutral scent, and they seem to stay intact for at least ten days at a time. Haven't done a spore print, unfortunately. Any ideas?
  3. I found these growing near pine, spruce, ash, and oak in upstate NY. spore print is dull brownish gray. on the very immature ones they kind of seemed to have a cortina. color ranged from deep purple (immature) to silver lilac (mature), the largest no bigger than my thumb. Cortinarius sp.?
  4. I found this growing out of a patch of moss beneath beech trees in upstate NY this morning. Does Gliophorus psittacinus grow in America?
  5. I found these growing out of a disintegrating outdoor table this morning, looks like some kind of polypore, perhaps? Upstate NY
  6. interesting, thank you! I noticed earlier today on another mushroom forum a few folks had shared photos of Meripilus spp. so I guess they're having a moment right now.
  7. I found a bunch of these this morning growing at the base of dead trees (beech and I think maple) in Central New York. Are they a species of Laetiporus? Thanks!
  8. Found growing in early June on deadwood in Central New York. It seemed quite fresh and flexible.
  9. Found this morning growing from deadwood in upstate NY. ID suggestions, please!
  10. I've seen lots of these in the last week growing out of decayed wood in Central New York. My best guess is Megacollybia rodmanii, can anyone please confirm?
  11. It was growing terrestrially and not from the tree (though it could have been coming from a root, I suppose) which makes me think it's not P. squamosus. On mushroom observer someone proposed Polyporus radicatus which seems like a more likely match as far as I tell.
  12. IS this even a bolete? Found mid September growing at the base of a deciduous tree I couldn't identify then or now. Mixed woods, Central New York. photo in situ
  13. I am fairly certain this is a species of phellinus, but haven't a clue how to get any further than that. my field guide is no help and am not getting anywhere online. ID idea? decayed log, upstate NY.
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