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  1. CharlieB

    Hello from SW Louisiana

    Hello and welcome. I'm in southeast LA and am a newbie also. If you're ever down this way (greater New Orleans area) let me know. Again big welcome!
  2. CharlieB

    Greetings from South Louisiana

    Great and thanks for the tips. Kisatchie sounds good for later. I'll research some other areas and keep ya'll posted also. I think the Pearl River Wildlife Mgt area may be a possibility. Private land seems like it would be the best. Shywiles sure had some beauties there. Anyone else has some ideas let us know. Anybody know if the state parks in Mississippi are also off limits?
  3. CharlieB

    Greetings from South Louisiana

    I'm very new at this and live in the greater New Orleans area. Yah let's start a southeast LA group! Very nice to know there are others in our area. If anyone can suggest a general area to search around here (say within 50 miles) it would be greatly appreciated. --without giving away any secrets spots of course. Anyway nice to know ya'll.
  4. CharlieB

    Newb from So Louisiana

    Yes, Samantha that would be great! I sent you a text message to discuss the possibilities. Thanks, Charlie.
  5. CharlieB

    Newb from So Louisiana

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll have to come west one day soon and see what ya'll have over there, cher! Any suggestions on the next steps to learn from this site would also be appreciated, since I am very new at this. Also what would be a good foundation ID book? Thanks, Charlie.
  6. CharlieB

    Newb from So Louisiana

    I live in the greater New Orleans area and would like to learn and share. Thanks for having me here. Anyone out there from this area? Can anyone direct me to a good identification book? Thanks again, Charlie.